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WWW Resolve : Improve Site Performance by the WWW Resolve

Is your website having a redirect issue? You use many of the links to open your single site. Then you want to improve site performance by the WWW Resolve. Learn “WWW Resolve | Improve Site Performance by the WWW Resolve” to improve your SEO performance.

WWW Resolve is the technical term, but it is important to your site performance. Most of the websites resolve www problem from their own sites. Basically, a WWW Resolve Issue is a basic command that guarantees that when you enter your web address with a www or without a www you end up at the same spot.

What is the WWW Resolve?

A WWW Resolve takes some redirection directions in the server’s design record to either compel “www.” before the area name or evacuate it. It is a smaller group of issues.

To determine the URLs of your site, it uses WWW Resolve that empowers to incorporate www in each location. It let the area name to incorporate the www in it or drop it. In the setup record of the server, WWW Resolve is a redirection order.

There is have to determine an issue of www, as though your site URL exists in two structures like with www and without www too then web index will accept it as copy content. In addition, it is a basic factor for steady URLs.

WWW Resolve for Website

When you explore to a site, for Telcob,, you may type that URL or you may type

A few examinations have discovered that around half of the clients in the investigations use and the other half use

On the off chance that you really explore to, you see that the URL quickly changes to

That is an appropriate WWW Resolve. If you had the option to explore to both URL forms of a site’s area, and the URLs don’t change, at that point the WWW Resolve isn’t actualized.

While uses WWW Resolve to constrain a redirection to the URL with www, it is additionally conceivable to drive all www URLs to URLs without the www.

How you execute the WWW Resolve is altogether up to you, yet use it? In fact, whether you type www, the webpage you are attempting to get the chance to will regularly still load, however from Google’s perspective; on the off chance that one of these doesn’t divert to the next.

URL Canonicalization Test Tool

How to WWW Resolve on Your Website?

The initial step is to get to your FTP customer and head into the root registry of your site, where your index.html is put away. On the off chance that your web host has set up you’re facilitating appropriately you will have a .htaccess record in that catalog. Move that record to your PC, make a reinforcement (if something goes wrong), and afterward open the document with a content tool (eg Notepad).

Add this bit of code to the record, supplanting “” with your very own web address:

To Include the WWW:

  • RewriteEngine on
  • Then RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www\.telcob\.com$ [NC]
  • RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L]

WWW Resolve with WWW:

  • RewriteEngine on
  • So again RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www\.telcob\.com$ [NC]
  • RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L]

Spare the .htaccess document, transfer the new form and overwrite, at that point test your site once more. See – not so hard all things considered! A few have even given the capacity to set up a www resolve in their space reassure, which makes things considerably simpler.

Watch out for the following image in our Simple SEO Tips arrangement we’ll be covering inward connecting. 

WWW Resolve with WWW


According to the SEMrush,

WWW Resolve with WWW

Source: Semrush .com

According to StackOverflow,

WWW Resolve with WWWWWW Resolve with WWW


Setting Up a 301 Redirect Using Windows Server:

On the off chance that you have your site on a Windows server, you should have authoritative access to the facilitating server and should set-up the 301 redirects through IIS.

Go to “All Programs>Administrative Tools>Internet Information Services”

Explore to space and right snap on it, at that point select “Properties”

Click on the “Home Directory” tab

Select the spiral catch “A redirection to a URL”

At that point enter the URL you need to divert to (for example

Click on “OK”

This will redirect the domain.

How Does a WWW Resolve Improve My SEO Strategy?

There are two different ways that having a www resolve can improve the SEO strategy of your site. As we just referenced, it prevents Google from thinking you have the copy or duplicate content, so you punished in the rankings.

The www resolve diverts your readers to an assigned site page, meaning it is driving all your traffic to one spot rather than many pages.

Why Implement the WWW Resolve?

The issue with sites that don’t actualize a WWW Resolve is that web indexes consider both to be extraordinary. Since the URLs show a similar substance, web search tools will probably think about these URLs as copy content.

With no WWW Resolve, each page would be copy content. In this circumstance, they might punish each page on your site. Actualizing the WWW Resolve will totally kill this plausibility.

How to Fix Canonical URLs with Apache .htaccess Files?

In both Yahoo and Google, accepted URLs can now become an issue. An accepted URL issue is one where the internet searched needs to make sense of that few unique URLs are really a similar page and which one of those URLs is the best one to list. Sadly, the web crawlers often can’t do this accurately without some assistance from the webpage proprietor.

To a web index, and are two unique URLs with precisely the same substance. The web indexes will stifle one form or even the two adaptations because to the extent they are concerned, they are copy content.

On the off chance that web crawlers record most of the page on your webpage like this, your website could endure genuine rankings misfortune in the hunt results. If your site keeps running on a Unix server, you can fix accepted issues by diverting with .htaccess documents.

You just will divert the non-favored adaptation of your URLs to the favored form. The most effective method to use Apache .htaccess records for diverting URLs.

In this example, we will redirect with .htaccess the non-www variant to the www version.

Open Your .htaccess Document and Include the Accompanying Lines:

  • RewriteEngine On
  • Then RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^$ [NC]
  • RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301]

Spare your .htaccess document and transfer to your server. Sanctioned diverting with .htaccess is only that simple.

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