WhatsApp Banned Is it True!!!


WhatsApp Banned but why!!!

WhatsApp Banned. Yes, you have heard the truth. It is true that VOIP services like WhatsApp, Skype are banned in the UAE. Yes, there was a time when UAE had to stop its VOIP services because it was directly putting impact on the countries revenue. And after seeing the status if a country decides to ban something for their business aspects it is completely fair. Ever since it was banned, everyone was speculating whether it would start again or something like that would come.


Whatsapp banned


As Dubai is known for the business anyway either it is a startup or a bigger one. Since it was banned in UAE it was very difficult to operate your business because there was no access to basic services like Skype, WhatsApp Call, etc.


After that UAE has been started taking charges something around 50 AED equal to approx 12$ to make VOIP calls by the use of an app called BOTIM. But the condition is that it makes calls only to those users who have a BOTIM app account. As I have discussed earlier that it was putting an impact on the revenue. So it is the best way to gain their revenue back in a legal way.

Law behind it

UAE’s Telecommunication Regulatory Authority(TRA) referring to its regulatory policy has stated that if you have legal documentation and if you meet certain criteria and condition than the VoIP services is allowed in UAE.



The basic purpose here is to strengthen the safety and security of the nation. Because we all know that VOIP is an Internet-based service, which has various risks, for instance, privacy issues, phishing, hacking, etc.



And for this, the nation’s telecommunication regulatory authorities Etisalat and Du both decided to start a VOIP based app called BOTIM. In addition to features like unlimited video and voice calling.



And since it is banned suddenly one good news had come from CNBC brought happiness for the people there in UAE.



“UAE may soon lift its ban on WhatsApp calling said by the digital security’s authority head Mohamed Al Kuwaiti”.  

But now it’s 2020

There is an app that is working in Dubai right now without a VPN. Yes, you heard right the UAE’s telecommunication regulatory authority Du launched an app called Yzer.

Yzer is a cloud-based app that offers various features like automatic translation, texting, video and voice calling. It is downloadable by both Android as well as on IOS with a subscription of 50Dhms per month.

Similarly, there are certain more apps that are giving VoIP services in the UAE. Some of them are:-

  1. BOTIM app
  2. CME app
  3. Hiu messenger
  4. VOICO 
  5. Toktok


WhatsApp Banned Is it True!!!
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