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Why Businesses in India Should use IVR System: Voice Solution

IVR Service India

IVR – Interactive Voice Response

In simple terms, Whenever we call to a customer service department, Or any Business, the call goes to the IVR system. Here we hear a welcome tune. ( forex. Welcome to Vmayo Technologies ). Then it will ask us to give input(for ex. Press-1 for sales, press-2 for support) and redirect us to the Required Service. Once You give input, you will be directed to the correct department for your Queries. IVR system is a Cloud Telephony Solution where it requires only a PC and Internet facility.

Why Businesses in India Should use IVR System, IVR System, IVR Service


How does IVR System work?

The whole IVR system works on the cloud or simply we can say cloud telephony system. Now if you are not aware of cloud technology please search for it. In simple terms, Using a service through the internet virtually and without managing any physical machine. All you need is a PC and the internet. The numbers which are used in the IVR Service are Virtual numbers/ Toll-Free Numbers that is the reason it is also called Cloud Telephony.


Why Businesses in India Should use IVR System, IVR System, IVR Service


How Cloud Telephony useful to your Business?

  • It gives the Big brand image to your business. Imagine People are calling and they hear a welcome tune ( Welcome to “Company Name” ) ..!! Your first impression in the customer’s mind will be Very Professional.
  • It does not require any infrastructure. All you need is a PC and internet..!!
  • The lines are never down like Old Telephone lines. So you never Miss a Call.
  • You can receive calls even when you are not in the office.
  • And you have all the data in the dashboard. All the data from previously recorded calls as well.
  • It can be used for Lead capture, Customer care, Marketing, Automation, after hour calls, Call Recording and many more.

How your Business Get Affected if you don’t use IVR Service

  • According to a survey, Businesses in India lost Rs.210 Crore in revenue due to not having a perfect Call management system ( IVR System )
  • You can Miss all your leads when not available in the office.
  • Transferring calls in simple telephone lines can be complicated.
  • Old telephone lines require a huge amount of investment and infrastructure.
  • Once the lines are down it takes a lot of time to get it working again.


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