One Time Password Authentication

One Time Password Authentication

What is One Time Password Authentication , One Time Password authWhat is One Time Password Authenticationenticates a user. It can automatically generate a numeric or alpha-numeric string of characters which is used to authenticate and verify a user before some transactions in a website or application occurs. With the help of this process a service provider gets ensured that the user is an authenticated person or not.

One Time Password is also One Time Pin or Dynamic Password. It is a password that is valid for only one login session or transaction on a computer system or on other digital device.

These OTP comes on a registered mobile number. This Registered Mobile number is of user and he gets all the OTP on his/her registered mobile number.


With the help of OTP, it will minimize the risk of fraudulent login attempts.

What is One Time Password Authentication

OTP is nothing but just an message with some numerical or alphanumerical string. It will help a user to get securely login to his/her account or to perform transaction.

Two-factor Authentication in the form of One Time Passwords is essential to keep your company and all your company data protected from cyber crime and fraud.

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