Create Brand Reputation with IVR Solution

Engaging, delighting and converting your customers has never
been with simple IVR Solution.

Empower your Business with IVR Services

A well designed cloud IVR system for seamless customer support experience.

Building memorable call experiences

What makes us the most loved voice platform.

Concurrent Calls

Supercharge team while focusing on call quality via allowing simultaneous inbound and outbound

Call Queuing

provide your clients a top-notch experience and engage them while they wait for an agent to answer the call with intelligent pre-recorded whisper greeting or declaration which is customizable.

Features of IVR Service

Automate call Recordings

Assign agent roles and manage permissions to specify what an agent can see and do without compromising on records safety even as monitoring live agent activity.

Text to speech & Speech to Text

Scale your call center globally by converting audio recordings to text and text to human-like speech with minimal effort.

Initiate Browser Calling

Assist you, agents, reduce the process of call Initiation via Callee - our internet-based extension that permits them to discover cell phone numbers robotically from a web interface.

Global Numbers

Scale and expand your business footprint to over 190+ countries all from a single location with Global Numbers.

Why Business need IVR Service?

Get the Best voice platform with ease

reduced Operational fee

Optimize your sources better via switching to a
cloud-based total system with easy installation and
0 maintenance.

strong network Operator Connection

Leverage our robust operator network with connections globally that will help you bridge your calls faster.

Scale at will

Whether you add 1 customer or 1,00,00,0 customers, scale without the hassle of
infrastructure bottlenecks

insight at every step

Leverage live call tracking, call logs and call statistics that assist you Gather information at numerous stages of a call and analyze your name effectiveness.

Get going in below 45 secs

A user-friendly widget-based interface guarantees that your call center is up and running quick, glitch-free.

Massive Number Inventory

A comprehensive range of number types to suit your specific business needs. Strict quality check before provisioning.

enhanced client satisfaction

Allocate the proper sources to a call via conditional routing, enhance general consumer experience and build an amazing brand image.

Voice API

Our robust yet easy-to-use Voice APIs will now help you automate your call flows while focusing on improving and simplifying user-experience.

Building a seamless contact center experience is just a step away

TelcobĀ Services: For better Business Solution

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What is Telephony?

Telephony is the activity or process of communicating by phone.

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What is IVR solution/IVR Services?

IVR solution/IVR service is a technology that allows humans to interact with computers using voice or a dual-tone multifrequency (DTMF) signaling keypad.

Voice Platform

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Benefits of IVR solution/ IVR service

Increase first contact resolution

Increase customer service efficiency

Increase agent and company efficiency

Reduce operational costs

Increase professionalism

Increase customer satisfaction

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Who is the Best IVR solution/ IVR service Provider in India

Telcob is one of the best IVR Solution/IVR Service provider in india. For More Visit- 9636233337

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Can i use Use pre-recorded IVR messages for IVR Service?

Yes, you can use pre-recorded IVR messages for IVR service.

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Voice Platform
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