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Uses of IVR System in a Call Centre

IVR System

IVR System stands for Interactive Voice Response System. It is an automated telephony system technology that allows to computer interact with the callers through the use of voices and recorded voices and thus its the most common way for phones to communicate with the computer through the voices.

Thus the IVR helps both the agents in handling incoming phone calls and the people calling into the contact centre.


IVR system


Thus the main advantage of Interactive Voice Response System is that they can pick up the huge call capacity much more efficiently and inexpensive than having Human assistants at hand.

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Here are some good companies provide the Interactive Voice Response system Services:-


top 5 ivr services


  • Telcob
  • BayTalkitec
  • Five9
  • Twilio
  • MyOperator

Types of IVR System

There are two types of Interactive Voice Response System:-

  1. Inbound IVR System
  2. OutBound IVR System

1. Inbound IVR System

InBound Interactive Voice Response System processes call placed by the user into a phone system. Hence, It is used for the automatically the calling answering process and this System an easy way to scale your contact capacity.

An InBound IVR application enables callers to total practically any job that can be executed by a live agent – all at a small fraction of the cost to the company.

2. OutBound IVR System

An OutBound Interactive Voice Response System adds automation to the lead conversion process and this solution provides mobile operators with the flexibility and performance they require from an Interactive Voice Response based dialer.

For, It enables mobile operators to offer simultaneous interactive mass marketing services through the Interactive Voice Response channel.

Uses of IVR System in a Call Centre

There are so many uses of the IVR System in Call Centre:-

  • Greet your Customers properly
  • Increase in Sales
  • Reduce the call abandonment rate
  • Cut Costs
  • Improve first call resolution results
  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • 24/7 Service

1. Greet your Customers properly

Effective and brief greeting, not just the name of your company (or the company you’re working for if you provide outsourcing services), improve the image your customer has of you.

2. Increase in Sales

Describe customers about your special offers or latest discounts is a great re-marketing move with no costs at all.

3. Reduce the call abandonment rate

IVR System enables to tell a client of the wait time and get them an opportunity to leave a voicemail message in case it’s too long.

4. Cut Costs

Therefore automation of informing client’s about the position of their orders, account balance, payment methods and other standardized details frees up your agents’ time and saves you money.

5. Increase first contact resolution

IVR seriously increases first contact resolution therefore because callers are always managed to the agent who is most qualified of meeting their needs or the most suitable department.

Hence the agent who receives the call will be more capable to answer the caller’s question and will be less likely to transfer the call to another agent. IVR System

6. Reduce operational costs

IVR systems will exchange a receptionist or a customer service agent who answers calls and handles calls to agents. They are also very affordable, will increase planning and will reduce operational costs, so the Return Of Investment (ROI) is huge.

7. 24/7 Service

Unlike human agents, an IVR system can successfully operation all over the day without any significant reduction in performance.

Thus This enables for an IVR system to always stand online to serve and answer client’s queries, regardless of the hour of the incoming call.

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