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Use Telcob SMS API to Improve Customer Services

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Hello Everyone, If I ask what is SMS Marketing? the first thing is to come up in mind a simple and flexible way of communication. Now every one needs a simple and reliable manner to do communication. So that’s why  Telcob always gives priority to the customer and make them happy by giving the best SMS  API services. telcob sms api bulk sms api ,sms api provider

What is Telcob SMS API?

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An SMS API is a nicely-described software interface that permits code to ship short messages via an SMS Gateway.

SMS API is the programming software program that lets you construct your own customized SMS sending and receiving channel. A clever messaging carrier can provide your business with a whole API machine. You could get SMS API for PHP, Java or HTTP. You can choose how you like to ship and receive bulk messages. Typically SMS APIs allow you to:

  • Ship SMS in some of the formats
  • Obtain textual content messages
  • Take recipient response without any need of the password
  • Get actual-time reputation reviews for all texts

How does Telcob SMS API work?

SMS APIs are often used to ‘bridge the gap’ between telecommunications provider networks and the Internet. SMS APIs are used to allow web applications to easily send and receive text messages through logic written for standard web frameworks. You’ve decided to integrate the fast Messaging service (SMS) technology into your enterprise. Telcob offers a strong Application Programming Interface (API) device to all of its customers. It gets rid of the hassle out of writing unique packages to send and utilize SMS messaging.


With SMS API you can ship bulk SMS in a selection of codecs and on a number of networks. To get started, your clever message provider will assist you to learn the way your present structures can be included in the use of SMS API. Additionally, they present you with the technical documentation that explains in detailed steps to hyperlink your present systems into a practical SMS API.

Concurrently, your provider issuer will spark off your bulk SMS account with some of the credits so you can do the checking out and make sure the whole thing is operating the way you want. SMS API protocols could make an extensive distinction of how your corporation interacts along with your customers as well as the body of workers.

Why Telcob SMS API?

  • Using a Telcob SMS API can make your bulk SMS gateway API services available across all of the technological networks and platforms that your business uses, joining these numerous systems into one functional control center.
  • Transfer and delivery speed are also very fast and you can send hundreds of text messages in a second. SMS gateway also guarantees complete security of data.
  • Telcob SMS APIs for bulk SMS gateway is efficient and flexible. Your developers can easily incorporate the features of the gateway into your own systems.
  • SMS gateway also ensures speed and reliability. You can send a text message right from your computer in seconds; this lets you meet the expectations of clients by allowing you to reply to their message really fast.

Key features of Telcob  SMS API bulk sms api, sms api provider

  • Quick messaging to people or corporations
  • Two-way messaging both regionally and across the world
  • Popularity (shipping) reports
  • Sending of lengthy SMS messages (concatenation)
  • Send messages using Unicode character sets
  • Incoming long numbers
  • Custom Sender identity

Telcob SMS API help to improve customer services

sms api provider, bulk sms api

Generation is considered one of the largest drivers of change within an enterprise and in any area of interest. So, the aim of your business in phrases of its customer interactions is to generate loyalty. There’s no better manner to do this than to offer the best products and services and to be responsive to your customers.

But as new technologies have come to the marketplace to make it easier for groups to offer customer support, they’ll additionally be growing the number of channels through that you engage with customers and the complexity of these interactions. When it comes to customer support, clients want outcomes. Four in five clients are annoyed with being dependent on a telephone call or pc for customer service. Research says, more  than 50% of your clients may prefer bulk textual content messaging over their cutting-edge form of communication for customer service

 SMS  API help to Increases Efficiency

You may integrate the simplicity of SMS messaging with the sophistication of automation. However, By sending an automatic acknowledgment whilst a customer texts with a problem, you reassure them which you’re at the job. Once a carrier interaction has finished, confirm it with an automated bulk text so you give up your communique on a high-quality word.
Maintain customers knowledgeable at some point in their buying technique.


Whether you realize it or not, a large percentage of your customers would like the opportunity to contact you via SMS when it comes to customer service issues. Research states that 30% of customers say SMS-based customer service is less frustrating than any other form of customer service or support communications.
The convenience factor, for both customer and business, is a huge draw and customers expect you to cater to them.


SMS is far more flexible than phone-based customer service and can do everything that email can do in a much more personal and succinct fashion. Consider all of the possible use cases:

  • Providing step-by-step instructions by request bulk sms api, sms api provider 
  • Offering automated replies to common inquiries. bulk sms api, sms api provider 
  • Scheduling service requests or convenient call-backs. bulk sms api, sms api provider 
  • Keeping customers up-to-date with stock or shipping. sms api provider 
  • Explaining to customers, after purchase, the best way to use a product. sms api provider 

These are only a handful of possibilities when using SMS for customer service

Merging Customer Service with Marketing

As technology becomes more sophisticated in almost every area of business, unifying virtually everything from digital marketing. Internal communications to supply chain management in increasingly interconnected systems. It also stands to reason that customer service and marketing would converge.

Once you’ve exchanged SMS messages with a customer for customer service purposes, you’re opening opportunities for marketing as the customer has opted-in, you can then send them future promotions, news, and coupons.

Using SMS as both a promotional tool and a customer service channel will be of benefit to any company – it’s clear to see how good customer service (which produces organic traffic and creates brand advocates) has become a valuable form of marketing in its own right.


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