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UIFN vs ITFS-Which Virtual Phone Number is Best Your Business

UIFN vs ITFS-Which Virtual Phone Number is Best Your Business

Do you want to expand your business by making your products more accessible to customers around the world? .But feel that it’s a target too big, costly and too difficult to hit? So this article we’ll help establish some information around the differences among UIFN vs ITFS: Which Virtual Phone Number is Best Your Business.


UIFN vs ITFS-Which Virtual Phone Number is Best Your Business

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) created the first global numbers in 1988. And the first type was the Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFNs), the global equivalent of local toll-free numbers. Each UIFN consists of 11 digits: three-digit country code for global service application (800 in this case).UIFNs can be a call from approximately 70 countries today. Toll-free number phone Calls is a bill to the called party, making it ideal for multinational companies, government agencies.

Unique toll-free numbers are assigned to each country. Customers can choose to order a UIFN – one number that can be dial from different countries to reach the same customer destination. It is because of the single toll-free number that can be called from several selected countries. Therefore Geographical coverage varies by a provider .requires a single UIFN registration and monthly fees for each country covered.


  • A Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN) that allowed customers from 42 countries to
    connect directly with the contact center.
  • The customer is able to manage inbound and also outbound call requirements and also scale up and down at will.
  • Calls from the UK and the USA were provided at very reasonable rates along with fax support.
  •  Quickest and most price-effective manner to make bigger your commercial enterprise to remote places international locations!
  • UIFN numbers are generally utilized by many MNCs to offer 7 x 24 customer service to their worldwide customers
  • Numbers are non-geographical and maybe direct to each landline and cell phones, making them much simpler to memorize.


UIFN vs ITFS-Which Virtual Phone Number is Best Your Business

International Toll-Free Service (ITFS) enables a directly-dial international call to be made from fix and mobile phone free of international charge. Full charges are paid by the called subscriber. An international toll-free number is a freephone number that works in one country. That means a caller anywhere in the selected country can dial the toll-free number free of charge to the caller. Sounds simple and straightforward.

However, there are different types of international toll-free number and their functions differ. The bonus is that each has the powerful capability to forward or divert to fixed, mobile, and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunks or IP address.


  • The general availability, competitive rates, and call forwarding flexibility make ITFS numbers a popular choice
    for businesses reaching out to customers internationally.
  • It is quick and easy to set up freephone numbers from as many international locations as required, and to ensure that voice calls from all available destinations are seamlessly routed to the required call center, office communications platform.
  • Enables toll-free services in 30 countries and also Ensures high availability for International Toll-Free calls.

UIFN vs ITFS-Which Virtual Phone Number is Best

UIFN vs ITFS-Which Virtual Phone Number is Best Your Business

Specific agencies will advantage from both UIFN or ITFS in specific ways. if you only cope with a few worldwide international locations, then there may be no want to must pay the registration charges and annual prices of universal numbers, so ITFS will do just quality. UIFN vs ITFS, ITFS numbers also are smooth to promote it for your internet site. you can absolutely provide the numbers via a drop-down box and have the country correspond to the appropriate ITFS.

Furthermore, UIFN vs ITFS You are marketing your number through more than just your internet site, you might want to keep in mind the use of a UIFN number. in the end, you don’t want your expensive advertising efforts to go to waste. businesses that benefit maximum from UIFN numbers are a software services company and data facilities, patient care and medical Rehab, scientific studies businesses, and Universities even more.

Hence your agency fits one of those listed above, then a UIFN number can be perfect for you and your business. unfortunately, there’s no universal toll-free number in existence today, but you definitely can get quite close to a universal presence by the use of UIFN and ITFS numbers.


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