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Several Kinds of Toll-Free Numbers: How To Select One?

Toll-Free Number

Entire communication provides an advantage to your business in the market, and toll-free numbers are one of that answer that can streamline your business communication while improving the client reach.

Toll-Free Number (also known as Free Phone Number) enables a client to communicate a company without spending calling charges connected with the call. Thus toll-free numbers are an important business asset that can produce a bunch of opportunities for your company.

If you are a company proprietor and looking ahead to improve your consumer base, provide consumers with a toll-free number.

Here is the list of some important benefits of having a Toll-Free Number:-


Toll-Free Numbers

1. Increase Brand Image

2. Perfect Marketing Tool

3. Improve Customer Satisfaction

4. Easy Porting

1. Increase Brand Image

Toll-Free Numbers are very easier to learn and work for every business irrespective of their sizes. Thus having a toll-free number provides identification and can produce more business as people are more suitable to call you.

2. Perfect Marketing Tool

Using a toll-free number in your company performs it comfortably to keep track of marketing efforts. As companies use multiple strategies to advertise their products and services, it becomes hard to analyze which operations work best from a company viewpoint.

3. Improves Customer Satisfaction

Consumer understands when they need not pay the business for getting assistance. Thus a toll-free number is one such medium that creates consumers’ trust towards the company, which, in turn, increases the level of consumer satisfaction.

4. Easy Porting

Portability is one of the primary factors advised by toll-free numbers. If a company is moving from one place to another, then there is no need to switch to another phone number. Toll-free number portability provides company proprietors to keep their existing numbers, even if they are changing to another place.

How to Select the Correct Toll-Free Number For Your Business?

A bunch of toll-free number options is available to choose from, according to the business demands. Although, the goal of all kinds of toll-free numbers is the same.

Here, we are going to define various types of toll-free numbers that are used by most of the companies, let’s go into deep:-

1. International Toll-Free Number


Traditionally, toll-free numbers are country-distinct, which means you have to pay calling charges if you are telephoning from a different country. Thus a country distinct number restricts the callers to dial a number free of cost if they are making the call to the different country numbers.

But an international toll-free number improves your global reach without incurring costs even if you are calling from a different country. With those global phone numbers, clients or customers can call a company free of cost, no matter where a company is located. 

  • Area of International Toll-Free Numbers

International toll-free numbers have become crucial business tools for all sizes of businesses. Thus the businesses that have clients in various geographic places, use these numbers to serve consumers better.

Businesses can earn loyalty among consumers as these numbers help to maintain an international occupation without changing their business phone numbers.

2. Domestic Toll-Free Numbers

Most of the organizations preferred local toll free numbers for their national presence. Thus these numbers help business communication across the country.

Also, these business phone numbers don’t acquire any costs if a caller communicates a business through a mobile phone. Normally, additional charges for calling from a mobile phone happened with ITFS numbers (International Toll-Free Numbers), but domestic toll-free numbers are free from these limitations.

  • Area of Domestic Toll-Free Numbers

Companies who target only specified places in their nations use these numbers. Also, the companies that provide access to their consumers to dial their company numbers from any device, including payphones and mobile phones, use these numbers.

3. Universal International Freephone Numbers

Universal International Freephone Numbers don’t cost to the caller, only the receiver pays. Thus companies working across the globe use Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN). Those numbers consist of 11 digits figure, which includes a 3 digit country code followed by a global subscriber number.

  • Area of Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN)

Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN) are mainly preferred by big companies that prefer a single number for all business works. Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN) covers more than 50 countries that help companies to assist their clients regardless of their location.

4. Vanity Toll-Free Number

Nowadays, companies have been trying to grow up in multiple ways to add purpose to their business numbers. And this can be completed with vanity phone numbers. Thus these phone numbers are easy to memorize and would be the perfect option to be recognized between opponents.

Vanity Toll-Free Numbers are freephone numbers that consist of the order of numbers and characters. Thus these numbers differ only in representation.

  • Area of  Vanity Toll-Free Number

However, Travel companies, food delivery companies, and other companies are leveraging advantages from these numbers as they are remarkable and represent the brand.

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Before receiving toll-free numbers, firstly explain what your company needs and get the solution respectively. Those numbers can make a positive difference in your client service, simultaneously with maintaining client satisfaction. Thus Freephone numbers work as a suitable platform where your clients can join with you effortlessly.

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