Top 5 Toll Free Service Provider in India

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Are you looking for the best Toll Free Service Provider in Indiafor local Presence?

Having a local presence can be vital to every business. Just take a look at the statistics from 2018’s Small Business Saturday. According to, the nationwide initiative after the Thanksgiving holiday brought in a record-high $17.8 billion in sales.

Furthermore, the survey from American Express found that 70% of adults queried are aware of the shopping day and 42% reported shopping at independently owned businesses. 41% of shoppers who participated on the day said they shopped Small online.

Why Business needs a Toll Free Number?

Let me Introduce some common scenario which is appearing nowadays.

So you just started your first small business. Your LLC is registered, you hired a couple of employees, and you even got your business cards. There’s only one problem…you decided to use your personal number. There are more than enough moving parts in starting a company and the last thing you want to do is have to sign up for Toll Free Service Provider for your small business.

Your personal number is just too convenient to pass up, right? After all, it’s right in your pocket with no extra costs. You might not know but you’re putting your private life and your business at risk. If you’re still on the fence about not using your personal number, here are a few reasons why you should stop.

For any business in the world should be using a Toll-Free Number because it is the gold standard of telephone numbers. Local numbers send a signal that your company doesn’t focus on doing business with consumers in the entire country. Here I am listing some of the best toll free service provider in india.

Top 5 Toll Free Service Provider in India


Telcob one of the best Cloud telephony company in India which serves more than 3000+ Customers and satisfied their customer with services. This cloud telephony company mainly focused on customer support and services.

Get your own toll free/local number immediately, wherever they are in the country, a local presence in India.


Knowlarity provides toll free number services to businesses. Enhance customer experience and ROI with our toll free no. Use the best toll free number solutions in India, UAE, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Middle East.


At WebXion they serve corporate clients in 98+ countries worldwide. And technically we serve clients from almost all sectors and industries. Our in-house Research and Development team consistently work towards, building new online services and mobile apps.


MyOperator toll free numbers comprise an IVR that lets you stay available to your callers 24*7, routes all customer calls to the right department and enhances the brand image of your company.


Exotel is one of Southeast Asia’s largest cloud telephony companies. The main aim is to help large businesses streamline and bring efficiency to their voice communication.

Benefits of Toll Free Service Provider in India

Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction

Ensuring that consumers don’t have to spend a penny when calling you is a major benefit. Companies with toll free numbers are likely to receive more incoming calls, have happier customers and receive less customer service complaints.


A 2015 study found that consumer trust had fallen to an all-time low. At the same time, authenticity has recently been found to be the most important trait consumers look for in a company. This means that companies that are seen to be highly credible have a massive competitive advantage over other brands.

Toll free numbers signal respectability and trustworthiness. And they’re not just for major corporations. Today, many small businesses and even sole-traders are also reaping the rewards of toll free numbers.


This function also allows you to turn your smartphone into a business line by redirecting calls to a mobile. This will maximize your business’s uptime when key team members are traveling or if you can’t get to the office, and makes homeworking more viable and easier.


With a toll free number, these worries disappear. Toll-free numbers can be transferred to any location or device you choose, and grow with your business – simply add more extensions as your you expand.

Global Reach

With International Toll Free Numbers (IFTN), you can target consumers in another country. An IFTN looks the same as any other toll free number in the country you’re targeting. And, because consumers won’t be charged for their calls, an IFTN is a great way to extend your operations into another country.

International calls are often associated with large, faceless organizations, long hold times and big phone bills. An IFTN removes all of these associations and reassures consumers that your business is legitimate and authentic.




Top 5 Toll Free Service Provider in India
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