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The Top 5 Point Guide to Best Bulk SMS Marketing Services

Bulk SMS Marketing Services

Bulk SMS Marketing Services (Short Messaging Service) is a Mobile Marketing channel to reach out to customers through text messages. It is making quick strides as a very effective form of communication to reach out to target customers, considering the fact that by 2020, as per prediction, 90 percent of the world population will have a mobile device.

How to reach out to customers effectively with the help of SMS campaigns.

Bulk SMS Marketing Services is considered one of the most personal and direct forms of communication, to reach out to the customers.

As per reports by Deloitte, more than one-third of customers check their mobile devices within the first five minutes of waking up and individuals usually check their mobile devices more than 50 times a day, on average. Bulk SMS marketing also has one of the highest CTR (click-through rate) and low CPS (cost per SMS send) which is making it one of the most effective media for marketers to push offers and promotions to the customers.

Bulk SMS marketing services are increasingly becoming an essential core multi-channel marketing channel to target customers. It is also considered as a channel of communication with a higher return on investment. The myth that targets a specific set of customers, on the go, is not a possibility is busted by the fact that an SMS cannot only reach to the target group with very high precision but can also initiate two-way communication with the customer and the company.

In US 8.6 trillion text messages sent on an average every year and six billion text messages in a day.

If done through legal means by respecting the privacy of the customer,
Bulk SMS marketing services are one of the best ways to receive customer feedback through surveys and building brand resonance and accountability.

The key benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing Services.

  • Low cost and budget-friendly
  • High conversion rate as within the first four minutes 97 percent of text messages are read
  • Highly actionable as 19 percent of customers click on a link in an SMS, compared to less than 5 percent for an email or any other advertising medium
  • Result-oriented as close to 30 percent of SMS campaigns generate an average response rate of 30 percent. Highest for any other medium.

Creation of a successful Bulk SMS Marketing campaign.

Audience Segmentation.

Just like cold calling and e-mail marketing, if the right message is not sent to the right audience it would be considered spam and a nuisance. Segmenting the target audience ensures that the right individual receives it. So that relevant information and it will pass the chasm between information message and spam message. Keep your focus on the customer’s purchase history. Collect the customer’s demographic data as this will help in better targeting of the customers.

Manage Best Timing of The Message.

Timing is always the key to any marketing-related message. It is important that messages are not pervasive. For instance, it might not be a good strategy to message an individual early in the morning or late in the evening. Unlike emails, where an email campaign on Saturdays might not provide the expected result, but an SMS campaign might produce its best results. Experimentation is the key to identify the opportunity day and time to run a campaign to get optimum results. Try experimenting using a scheduler to draft a message beforehand and send it for delivery at a specific time of choice.

Position of the Message.

Messages with the right ‘Call to Action’ is the key. Open-ended messages usually less successful compared to messages. Which requires a user to execute any specific tasks or messages related to deal with limited time offers.

Compared to emails where open rate which spikes after 24 hours of the execution of the campaign. SMS open rates spikes within the first 60 minutes average 70 percent open rates. Don’t miss an opportunity to personalizing the SMS by inserting the first name of the customer and brand yourself by setting up. Your company names as the sender’s name.

Simple And Concise.

A very necessary point kept in mind while creating content for Bulk SMS Marketing is the limited character limit of 160 characters. So that the key to success is short to the point content. GET 50% off using the promo code “RAKHI50”. Click Here. Offer Expires by 31st August 2018

Bulk SMS Marketing Services

Most attributes are.

  • It is to the point
  • Explains what to do
  • Provide a deadline

Avoid sending frivolous messages as these messages might annoy the customers. Don’t be a spammer.

It is a privilege, not your right. As a best practice include an opt-out option in the SMS. To ensure that the customers can stop receiving the message at any time. Also, make sure that you use URL shorteners like or instead of sharing a massive tracking URL.

Create Customer Engagement And Feedback.

As customers, on an average respond to an SMS in the first five minutes of receiving it, nearly 31 percent. Customers on average respond to a survey via an SMS. This can also help to follow up with the customer for an email campaign. Such as “did you check the latest offers in our email”. This helps to also increase the email open rate many folds. So that keep your database clean by removing non-responsive numbers as it can be costly to send SMS to customers. Who has an opt-out to non-responsive customers?

Use keywords such as ‘text OFFER’ to 6767 and get discount coupons to buy your favorite apparel. So that this printed in a banner or hoarding as it will help to grow the list of opt-in customers who would choose to receive the SMS alerts.

Use SMS for more immediate offers such as discounts, vouchers, promotions or even wishing on anniversaries and birthdays.

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