Top 5 Missed Call Alert Service Provider In India

Miss call Alert

The Caller phone number forwarded for your Email, mobile through SMS, and API on your SAP/web/ERP applications for similarly processing known as Missed Call Alert.

Missed Call Alert unexpectedly gaining popularity in India. Many human beings and organizations are turning to Missed Call Service alert because it has proved itself as a great help when your mobile is switched off or unreachable. The Missed Call Service Alerts to notify you regarding who called up while your mobile number was not available. The subscribers might lose the calls because of numerous motives like low battery, out of coverage area, flight mode, etc. A message having information about the calls, you missed sent after your number will become available. Thus the missed call alert Service ensure that the users do no longer miss their important calls while their mobiles switched off or now not reachable. For that reason, the notifications include the timing information, number of the calling party and also the number of missed calls…

Missed Call Alert


Missed Call Alert (MCA) permits Operators to offer end-users with an easy to use call logging and notification system, for calls, received whilst the called party become not reachable.
The Operator advantages from the use of MCA through the substantially growing call of completion substantially. A similar growth in network Operator revenue can be completed by the use of the MCA as a platform for push advertising, so that advertisements being included in the short Message notification messages from a pool, the selection being on a round-robin basis.

The cellular Arts MCA is compatible with all GSM, UMTS, and CDMA networks and provides a complete set of features, inclusive of:

• High-throughput, full-featured missed call logging and notification server with great scalability

• Called party notification of missed calls thru SMS.

• Calling party notification of called party becoming reachable via SMS, with end-user defined alert text.

• Automatic forwarding of missed call log to another mobile.

• Integrated SMS interface for end-user management of service settings.

• Support for internal announcement playback using internal speech devices, So that usage of external speech devices through call drop back to the interconnected mobile switch.

Importance of MCA for operator regularly, mobile subscribers are unable to receive calls. The reason can be attributed to a lack of network availability and personal or business engagement among others. For operators, the Missed Call Alert Service offers several benefits, such as:

• Increased call completion rate and superior sales by using the platform for push advertising.

• Missed call alerts increase the average revenue per user thereby increasing the overall message sales.

• It reduces consumer churn by enhancing user experience.

• For business users, MCA improves productivity.

Most Top 5 Best Missed Call Alert Service Provider In India:-

1 Telcob.Com

2 Mysmsmart.Com

3 Webxion.Com

4 Exotel.Com

5 Knowlarity.Com


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Top 5 Missed Call Alert Service Provider In India
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