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Toll-Free Number : Features and Benefits

Toll-Free Number

A Toll-Free Number is a telephone number that promoted for all arriving calls instead of earn charges to the develop telephone subscriber. Thus For the calling party, a call to a toll-free number from a landline is free of charge.

Toll-Free Number


The numbers with decided three-digit codes that can be dialled from landlines with no charge to the calling person. Therefore, Such numbers allow callers to reach businesses and individuals out of the area without being charged a long-distance fee for the call.

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Features of Toll-Free Number

There are so many features of Toll-Free Number:-

  • Click to Call Functionality
  • Smart Call Queue Integration
  • Interactive Voice Response Systems
  • Merging Text Messaging with Toll-Free Number
  • Creating a National Presence

1. Click to Call Functionality

It is merging Click to Call Functionality with conceit or It provides businesses mobility to join with the business services using any device ignoring of their location. Thus, With Click to Call Functionality, there is no need for physically dialling and it lowers the probability of dialling mistakes.

2. Smart Call Queue Integration

You have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in place, merging of CRM with Smart Call Queue Management automatically synchronize outbound and inbound call information to the particular contact, lead, or account in the CRM Systems.

3. Interactive Voice Response Systems

One voice that leads the whole communication system – Hosted IVR provides your client’s the right answered at the right time to remove the chances of call rejection. Therefore, Calls can be answered from anywhere across the globe and automatically adjust based on business demand

4. Merging Text Messaging with Toll-Free Number

Client needs a solution to their query instantly and text-enabled toll-free service assures the essential part of information reaches them in time. Research released by Open Market states that in the U.S. and Canada, two-way texting feature with Toll-Free Numbers is being selected by a large number of businesses

5. Creating a National Presence

Thus With these numbers, any field can clarify its communication needs and easily control huge call volume anywhere across the globe. Thus Using a complete calling feature-set such as call forwarding, call conferencing, call routing etc.

Benefits of Toll-Free Number

There are so many benefits of Toll-Free Number:-

  • Better Customer Relationship
  • Easy to Remember
  • Provide more Portability
  • Keeping a Track of Marketing Efforts
  • It Makes Increased Affordability

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