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Toll free Number 1800 For Every Business

Toll Free number 1800, 1800 Numbers, Toll Free Number 1800 provider

Toll Free Number 1800 is the virtual number that companies around the world set up 1800 numbers to encourage calls from potential customers. In other words, the subscriber of the toll free no bears the expenses of the call he receives. It is always in the form of 1800-XYZ-ABCD, where the alphabets are variable numbers for the company.

Technology has overcome a lot of obstacles in the previous years, and now it stands firm, while still evolving. Cloud Telephony Services India, is one of the forever evolving technology. But these days, long-distance calling is mostly free or extremely cheap. In today’s age of cell phones and free unlimited long-distance calling, is having an 1800 number really a necessity anymore?

Why Companies Around the World Get Toll Free Number 1800

1800 numbers, also known as toll-free numbers, allow customers to reach your business without incurring call charges. Callers recognize 1800 numbers as toll free and are more likely to reach out to a business that provides one. Many countries use the 1800 dial-code to identify toll free numbers, so the numbers are readily recognizable to a global audience. Regardless of which countries your target market is in, a VoIP 1800 number allows you to:

  • Create a Professional Image. 1800 numbers project a professional appearance for your company.
  • Encourage Customer Interactions. Callers are more likely to call your business when they know it is free for them.
  • Centralize Your Business. VoIP 1800 numbers establish a single point of contact for your business, no matter how many locations or remote employees you have.
  • Maintain a Consistent Business Number. You can keep your VoIP 1800 numbers when you change office locations, upgrade your phone system, or change providers.
  • Never Miss a Customer Call. Custom call forwarding rules allow you to route calls to multiple devices and locations worldwide.
  • Manage Your Campaigns. Dedicated 1800 numbers allow you to track the success of marketing efforts when used in the campaign elements.
  • Leverage Business Phone Features. Most VoIP 1800 numbers come with business phone features like voicemail-to-email, call screening, IVR, hosted call recording, and more.

Toll Free number 1800, 1800 Numbers

The advantage of Toll Free Number 1800

Customer Satisfaction

An 1800 number makes it easy to communicate the required information. The customer can call without spending a single penny. For small businesses & enterprises, this solution provides a great way to retain customers.

Easy to Remember the Number

A number like 1800-111-1111 is definitely easier for people to remember that 1-800-376-9387. More sales can be generated with the help of toll-free numbers because they are easy to recall.

Improve Your Business Credibility

People think that only big corporations can have 1800 numbers. However, it’s not correct. Any startup, small business or enterprise, can have such a number. Improve sales by having a toll free phone number.

Better portability

Once you have a toll free number 1800, your location is not important. Even if the business relocates to another area it would not affect your business number in any way. You can still make & receive calls worldwide

Rich Marketing Tool

1800 numbers allow the business to create extensions that can be associated with the marketing campaigns like the billboard in Times Square, a print ad or a website ad to increase their call volume, sales, and ROI.

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