Telcob vs Msg91: Best Bulk SMS Service Provider

Best Transactional Bulk SMS Services provider in India

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Bulk SMS for Business Marketing

Mostly all the business companies require Messaging Solutions to send updates to customers or vendors, also to promote products and services. Messaging Solutions defined are of two types, Transactional Messaging service, and Promotional Messaging service. Transactional Messaging used to deliver important information and alert notifications with customers and clients using Messaging alerts. Promotional SMS Marketing is used to promote business product and services. So here we will compare two best messaging service providers: Telcob vs Msg91 Bulk SMS Service.

Telcob v/s MSG91


With a good number of resellers, Msg91 says, it provides a worldwide coverage with its service. Their website design is very professional and you will feel like trusting them right from the start. They also provide a Google spreadsheet plugin and an Excel plugin which makes it easy to send SMS from a spreadsheet.

Now when we come to pricing, their pricing is quite high if you are looking for small volumes. With high volumes, the pricing becomes very competitive. They also have a plan for startups where you can get free SMS credits by placing their logo on your website.


Telcob is India’s one of the best bulk SMS service provider which provides different Transactional and Promotional messaging solution. It’s delivering bulk SMS services with the best with a high delivery ratio. It is providing messaging API to manage all the sendings and allow monitoring of the message whether it is delivered or not. It allows you to enhance your messaging campaigns by leveraging data analytics.

Telcob vs Msg91:-Best-Bulk-SMS-Service-Provider

Telcob real-time data and detailed analytics help you reach subscribers in a better way and build valuable relationships with clients. It is also offering Free Demo for new users so that they can optimize whether the messages are delivering or not. if we talk about pricing Telcob is well known for its pricing because it is delivering Bulk SMS and other voice and messaging services at a very low price. We will study further about pricing in the next heading.

Competitive Pricing option: Telcob vs Msg91

As we discussed the Telcob pricing are better as compare to Msg91. Both providing good customer support and other features but the pricing is the measure consideration with Msg91. Msg91 is a more popular brand so that might be a reason for high-cost transactional SMS Service. Telcob has a low-cost pricing for every business as compare to Msg91. So Telcob is more preferable SMS Marketing tool that providing highly configured bulk SMS Service with campaign management API.




5000  INR 1100 | 0.22/SMS INR 1250 | 0.25/SMS
 10,000  INR 1700 | 0.17/SMS INR 2500 | 0.22/SMS
20,000  INR 3200 | 0.16/SMS INR 4000 | 0.20/SMS
30,000  INR 4200  | 0.15/SMS INR 5400 | 0.18/SMS
50,000  INR 7000  | 0.14/SMS INR 9000 | 0.18/SMS
100,000 INR 13000 | 0.13/SMS INR 17000 | 0.17/SMS
300,000 INR 37500 | 0.12/SMS INR 45000 | 0.15/SMS
500,000 INR 60000 | 0.11/SMS INR 75000 | 0.14/SMS

Features that Add Benefits to Subscriber: Telcob vs Msg91

Features are the key to connect customers and make good relationships. Here we  discuss features of Msg91 and Telcob:-




DND Allowed
Quick set-up
Send SMS 24×7
Customized SMS
Free API Integration
Messaging API
Enterprise-grade security
Regional language
Delivery Report
24/7 Connectivity for support

If we look at features both are having good features that attract customers. Both have DND allowed feature so that you can send Transactional SMS while the user turned their cell phone on DND(Do not Disturb) mode. Telcob and Msg91 both allow quick setup and provide a messaging API where you can manage all the subscribers and specify the user which will receive the message. The security is measure concern while we send Bulk Transactional SMS and both are providing reliable security feature. Telcob providing free API integration so that you not need to pay extra while connecting to our API.


So how would you like to choose the best one whether it is Telcob Services or Msg91. If you just want to go with the brand then go with Msg91 but if you want a reliable service that has more features at the low-cost price then I will recommend Telcob Bulk SMS Service.

So whatever you choose- keep growing, keep connecting, and keep earning…

Telcob vs Msg91: Best Bulk SMS Service Provider
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