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Telcob Services Provide Complete Telecom Solutions

Telecom Solutions

Unlike mega-players in the Telecom Solutions, the Telcob(Telecom Services) team will base solution recommendations on what you need, not the technology we’re trying to sell. Collaboration is a keystone of our delivery approach. We align with clients, turning engagements into long-term partnerships.

Telcob applies proprietary methodologies and accelerators to increase the speed of telecom solutions projects and improve return on investment. These approaches can also reduce risk and increase functionality according to each client’s needs

Compared to small Telecom Solutions companies, Telcob has a far greater scale, geographic reach and more access to exceptional expertise. And, Telcob provides better communication than pure-play offshore telecom providers because we speak your local language. As a client, you have unmatched access to our consultants. It’s open, secure, mobile and will adapt to your specific business needs. In fact, we often provide on-site account management and always have resources for you nearby.

Our telecom relationship methodology is to understand your business, How telecom solution supports your business needs, and how to support and prescribe best practices to maintain optimal performance. End to end, we can help you get the most out of your Telecom Solution through a comprehensive analysis of your current environment. We help you to maximize the telecom technology that gives you answers more quickly; procedure and process improvements; productivity gains; and bottom-line results.

Telecom Services that are provided by Telcob, are as following:-

Messaging Solutions

Mostly all the business companies require Messaging Solutions to send updates to customers or vendors, also to promote products and services. Messaging Solutions defined are of two types, Transactional Messaging service, and Promotional Messaging service. Transactional Messaging used to deliver important information and alert notifications with customers and clients using Messaging alerts. Transactional Messaging mostly uses Messaging API.

Messaging Solutons

1) Transactional Messaging Solutions

Telcob is not just a provider but a trusted partner who cares about delivering measurable results. We are an innovative Transactional SMS Service Provider focusing on providing a cost-effective business solution to our valuable clients. And we provide Transactional SMS Service with API codes at no extra cost.

2) Promotional Messaging Solutions

Telcob is not just a Promotional SMS provider but a trusted partner who cares about delivering measurable results. Promotional SMS gives the business an opportunity to communicate with their clients without many expenses. As compared to regular Messaging service Promotional SMS Service helps your business to promote its products and service. In order to help the marketing efforts of organizations, Telcob provides advance Promotional Messaging service.

Voice Solutions

Telcob is committed to providing quality telecom solutions while ensuring each of our customers receives the level of service required to optimize their solutions and drive their business for greater efficiency. Our Voice Solution Services that are:-

Telecom Services

1) IVR Solutions

Let your customers connect with all your departments through a single input and get engaged with a concerned person instantly to enhance satisfying communications without Toll-free number services.

A smart system will enhance your brand presence as well. With our live virtual receptionist handling, you can connect with us for 24×7. And you not missing any business opportunity So that all your customers taken care of. Our affordable cloud Telephony solutions help Indian businesses present a professional image to the world. Let our Virtual Receptionist see to it that all your calls are answered promptly by our toll-free team.

2) Missed-Call-Alert Solutions

TELCOB, is a cloud-based telephony service provider, that offers you an opportunity to make a fast lead era through Missed Call Alert Service, which incorporates different intense components in it. This service motivates you to set up an expert and methods in the business sector by giving your clients the solace and adaptability to put a missed call service your number and get back to in a split second.

3) Voice Broadcasting Solutions

Voice broadcasting was launched in the 1990’s which is a mass communication technique. At once it can broadcast telephone messages to hundreds and thousands of call recipients. Both commercial and community applications are under this technology. Voice message broadcasting users can immediately contact back to anyone whether they are subscribers, employees, customers, members or constituents.

Telcob Voice broadcasting allows you easily to instantly send interactive phone calls easily. And you can manage the entire process directly from the web.

4) Toll-Free Solutions

The most innovative and experienced Toll-Free Number ProviderTelcob, offers a boost to your company’s image in a very convenient and powerful way. Our Toll-Free Number service permit the customers to reach a business easily and free of cost and brings excellent business opportunities. It helps in expanding your business by giving you a nationwide reach and the opportunity to build up customer relationships. So that we are Listed in No.1 best toll-free number provider in India.

Telcob Toll-Free Number, boost your marketing efforts and improve your company image by offering your customers a free and convenient way to reach you and push your business ahead.we are also best toll-free number provider offering you a connection between you and your clients at no cost.

OTP Solutions

The best and easiest way of delivering the OTP Service is through the SMS channel. Telcob offers One-Time Passwords (OTP) SMS delivery services, further used to authenticate a user or for account verification.
OTP Services in India has come up with a Good Demand with, so many active users of Payment Gateways and Subscribers of Online Services.

OTP Solutions

OTP Service demand Instant Delivery of SMS backed by a secure Technology to Transact the SMS. The Best way to deliver OTP Service is through the SMS. Clients can get this service from us at a very low price as compared to other OTP Service Provider. We are offering also most reliable SMS gateway and application programming interface for delivering secured OTP SMS Service.

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