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SMS Spam detection

SMS Spam Filters: Why Carriers blocking your bulk messages

SMS Spam detection

SMS Spam detection with the appropriate way to use SMS marketing and send bulk messages to mobile phone numbers and the largest of them have to do with the blocks or filters that carriers force to tempted (and non-approached) messages.

Filter undesired SMS and MMS messages from unknown numbers and defend yourself from spammers. Filtering those irritating marketing mailings, spam, advertising, and offensive strangers has just become easier. Especially for people whose activities are related to immediate messaging and calls. You can manually configure your filters in the Black- and Whitelists and easily generate rules for emptying your inbox from undesired content

SMS Spam detection

Why SMS messages being blocked or filtered by Carrier?

SMS Spam detectionPeople don’t like to accept undesirable messages. When they do, they will probably oppose to their carriers, which in service will act upon the request by filtering out those messages for others as well, apparently fully blocking the source number too.

Carriers have a higher cost for dispensing with complaints and the high traffic coming in from SPAM messages, so they don’t like it as well. They spend millions of dollars per year in people and software with the single purpose of blocking SPAM messages.

Also, if you are applying remote codes to send bulk messages, it is quite feasible that your messages will be filtered and will not be received by the targets.

SMS Spam Detection

Will my SMS messages be blocked?

SMS Spam detection

Carriers will always maintain the right to block distinct kinds of messages or numbers. And they do so based on their own and different patterns daily.

They do this as a regular process to protect their users and improve their own customer experience (i.e: fewer complaints).

SMS Spam Detection

How carriers filter SMS messages?

SMS Spam detectionEach carrier has its customs, and they will keep the intrigue. They will also quietly discard SMS messages classified as SPAM without additional notice as well, turning a successful delivery status for them just to make it a little tougher to know that you are being blocked.

We can’t tell for assured if a delivered message was filtered by SPAM, or why or how it was filtered. And also, the ways that classify messages as SPAM can be truly smart and advanced, so each day will be a short bit harder to avoid them.

SMS Spam detection

Can I know if my number is blocked or messages being filtered?

SMS Spam detection

Usually speaking, no. There is no positive way to know that your messages are being filtered.

Becoming said that, we do sometimes get statements from our carriers informing us that a particular number is being blocked by one or more carriers. When we get these records we will let you know with a SPAM notification.

Can I avoid being filtered or blocked by carriers?

Some very fundamental guidelines can be followed to reduce the possibilities of being blocked. Analyze your messages:

  • Signify not further long.SMS spam detection
  • Form MOs (replies, or inbound messages). If you can reach your targets respond to the message, this will serve a lot.
  • Don’t have a lot of capital letters.
  • Therefore, not have any suspicious links.
  • Don’t use aggressive language.
  • Include opt-out instructions, so people don’t feel like the only way to opt-out is to call their carrier to block the number.

SMS Spam detection

What can I do if my number gets blocked or blacklisted?

SMS Spam detectionThus, there’s nothing you can do, except to wait. Carriers will ultimately remove your number from their blacklist after a while. This period not known actually, and will depend on how many messages you sent and when you suspended sending messages.

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