SMS Marketing: Best Practice for Educational Institute

SMS Marketing
Hello everyone, first of all, discussing anything talk about Education is important because it is not for preparation for life; education is life itself. The best lines gave by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam ” Some Of the brightest minds on the country can be found on the last benches in classroom “ The education sector in India is one of the proudest industries among all, which has been giving excellent scholars over the year, who are making our country proud in the world. With the induction of technology in education, it has now become very important to use this technology for communication and dissemination of information. Today, when everyone is connected through smartphones, so it seems that SMS is the best way in the education industry for improving communication.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS stands for “short message service.” for that reason, SMS advertising and marketing is disseminating statistics, creating buzz, and also generating logo focus via the usage of text messages. SMS marketing is a solid and lower priced advertising approach to ship your advertisement messages via SMS to your clients, prospects or some other predicted beneficiaries.

How Can Education Institute Use SMS Marketing?

Notify deadlines & examination Dates reminder

  • remind college students of projects,
  • time limits on assignments
  • enrolment, graduation
  • returning books,
  • exam dates and other important occasions.

Help to send Emergency  text alerts 

  •  Institute can immediately notify students and parents about emergencies, security lockdowns,
  • accidents or suspicious characters, or send final alerts.

Send student meeting Reminders

  •  ship reminders for student conferences,
  •  membership activities, concerts, help to eliminate the need for bulletin boards.
Provide links to course information & Grades educational
  •  SMS messages can also include links to course information, bibliographies, books, college reports, and grade sheets.

Improve awareness about Bullying

  • Bullying is increasing trouble in nowadays’s hyper-related world. SMS services may be also  used to incredible impact to empower students to offer much-needed support

Confirm Attendance

  •   Inform parents of school closures, time table modifications and activities.
  •  reminders can also be use to confirm attendance with parents.

How Education Institute Takes Advantage From SMS Services


SMS communication is extremely easy and does not require another special program to be installed or any advanced attributes.

No setup charges

SMS services, Institute are only charge for the messages that they send. There are also  no setup charges, ongoing costs, or support fees,

Instant Deliverability

SMS is lightning fast, literally putting your message into your subscribers’ pockets or and also purses seconds after you send.

 Instant Opt-In and Opt-Out

Due to SMS marketing, you want to make it as quick and simple to opt out as it is to opt in. This similarly helps keep subscriber satisfaction high.

High Conversion Rate

SMS is – promotions or contest – there is more action to take compare to another marketing or promotion strategy.


SMS is more of a direct connection to your customer base than any other marketing strategy, and there aren’t any barriers.

How SMS Marketing Improve education industry?

By Saving Crucial Funds

Due to  implementing text messaging solutions help to reduce expenses Its also help to reduce man hour

Improve Internal Communication

SMS  marketing makes internal communication incredibly easy. it helpful for two-way text messaging, the institute can keep staff members up to date with relevant news at all times.

Connect With Students on a Deeper Level

Implementing SMS solutions and bulk texting services represents more than a means of communicating deadlines and schedules. It also enables teachers to connect with their students on a deeper level.
SMS Marketing: Best Practice for Educational Institute
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