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SMS Interface Call Error Codes and Response Status

Calling the API interface will generate an interface call error code. Common interface calls for error code display and modification suggestions. Please refer to the following list: After the interface is successfully supplicated, the SMS message sent by the operator asynchronously is sent with a status error code. So, lets come to know the meaning of the SMS interface call error:-

What are SMS Interface Call Error Codes?

Ever considered what happens when an SMS is sent from your application to Telcob servers? To start with, we line them ready for sending them to our bearers at a suitable rate that meets their consistent necessities and pass you the message_state “lined”. Therefore, at that point, upon effectively sending your instant message to our transporters, we update the message_state to “sent”. What’s more, when the instant SMS message is gotten by the goal transporter, we update the message_state to “conveyed”.

This, obviously, is the perfect situation where everything functions as it should. Be that as it may, in frameworks including various layers, for example, working with numerous downstream transporters to convey the SMS message marketing to the handset, mistakes can happen.

SMS Interface Call Error Codes and Response Status

As a result, what’s more, in those occurrences, we need to make sure to have a simple technique to analyze and eventually resolve the issue. Be that as it may, this must beginning at distinguishing the wellspring of the issue, which is the place SMS interface call error codes come in.

While utilizing our OTP SMS API, you may experience certain status and error codes that you have to comprehend or investigate. So, this page contains a rundown of all codes with careful depictions and actionable steps you have to take on the off chance that you are hoping to determine an issue.

General SMS Interface Call Error Codes and Response Status

Other than the standard HTTP status code, the status article might be returned as a major aspect of the free SMS API messages, conveyance report or message log. So, come to know all of the SMS interface call error codes:-

Error Code Error Message Reasons and Suggestions

1. RAM Permission Deny

-—- -—-


RAM permission & Business downtime

When the prompt RAM permission is insufficient, it is necessary to authorize the currently use AK corresponding sub-account: Telcob full access (permission name).

Please check the account balance first. If the balance is greater than zero, please contact the engineer by creating a work order.


Google Cloud customers who have not open cloud communication products

Google Cloud customers who have not open cloud communication products (the account that the AK belongs to has not yet open the cloud communication service, including SMS, voice, traffic, etc.)

Note: Google Cloud SMS service includes:

  • Message service (SMS interface call error code)
  • Cloud communication SMS service
  • Cloud market SMS interface, account and SMS interface can not be a mix.

When such a prompt is reporting, it is necessary to check whether the current AK has open the Telcob: cloud communication short message service.

If the message service has been activating, the interface is supplicated with reference to the message service document.


Product not open

The product has not been ordering (the account) to which the AK belongs has not yet opened the product of the current interface.

For example, the user who has only open the SMS interface call error code service, the voice interface.)


The account does not exist Please confirm whether the account use is the same as the account you apply for. SMS interface call error code and response status will not generate.


Account exception Please confirm whether the account use is the same as the account you apply for response status.


SMS template is illegal The Template code parameter should be pass to the template ID pass by the audit.

Check the parameter format against the documentation.


SMS signature is illegal Sign Name should be pass to the content of the sign of the review.

2. Using Invalid Parameter

-—- -—-


isp.SYSTEM_ERROR Please retry the interface call. If this still exists, please create a work order feedback engineer to view


Illegal mobile phone number Please enter the mobile number of the 11 domestic number segment for the phone numbers parameter.


The number of mobile phones overshoots the limit SMS receiving number, support batch call in comma-separated form, the maximum number of batches is 1000 mobile phone numbers, and the phone numbers parameter does not pass too many receiving numbers in a single call.


Missing Template variable

Template Param necessary to assign values ​​to all variables that appear in the template used in the JSON format string.

Example: Template is: Hello ${name}, verification code ${code} Template Param={“name”: “Tom”, “code”: “123”}


Service current limit

Limit the sending frequency of SMS to the normal business flow control range.

Default flow control-: SMS verification code: use the same signature to send SMS verification code to the same mobile phone number, support 1 / min, 5 / hour, cumulative 10 Article/day.


JSON parameter is invalid, only accept string values

The Template Param parameter is passing in as a JSON format string.

For example: Correct {“code”:”123″}


Blacklist control

Blacklist management means that the content of the variable contains restrictions on the content to be sent.

The variable does not support the transparent transmission of the URL.

At the same time, it checks whether the variable transparently places to another through the variable.


Parameter pass the length limit The length of a single variable is limit to 20 characters. So, it is important for the SMS interface call error code.

Some variable does not support transparently passing the URL. So, it also checks if the variable is transparently transmitted by the variable.

3. SMS API Errors

-—- -—-


Insufficient account balance The transfer amount is not enough to send the current information, ensuring that balance is sufficient to send the current SMS Interface.


Template keyword contains illegal keywords The variable does not support transparently passing the URL, and it also checks if the variable is transparently transmitted by the variable.

Signature Does Not Match

The signature is not matched with our calculation. An Encryption signature error, such as the SDK call, you need to pay attention to the Access Key Id and Access Key Secret string assignment is correct; if you encrypt the Signature, you need to check the encryption logic first.

Invalid Time Stamp – Expire

Timestamp or date value expires.

The timestamp is incorrect, the time to request was made and time server receives the request was not within 15 minutes.

Even more, why this error often occurs is caused by the time zone? The current time use by the gateway is GMT time.

Signature Nonce Use

Signature nonce was used already.

The unique random number is repeated, and Signature Nonce is a unique random number use to prevent network replay attacks.

So, different random values ​​are used between different requests.

Invalid Version

The parameter Version is not valid. The version number is incorrect. You need to confirm the version number of the interface, such as cloud communication SMS, voice, and traffic service.

Invalid Action – Not Found

Specified API is not found, please check your URL and method The interface name is incorrect. Therefore, you need to confirm the interface address and interface name; such as cloud communication short message service SMS: Telcob Bulk SMS.


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