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SMPP: Features and Benefits


SMPP stands for Short Message Peer-to-Peer messaging. It’s a procedure that permits the transmission of a significantly high volume of SMS. Thus it is used to send and receive messages from to mobile networks like CDMA, GSM etc.



In SMPP, there are two entities.

  1. SMSC
  2. ESME


SMSC stands for Short Message Service Center. It is a mobile telecommunication networks element which stores, forwards, converts and delivers SMS messages. Therefore the main responsibility of an SMSC is to way SMS messages and maintain the process. Thus If the receiver is not available, the SMSC will store the SMS message. It will forward the SMS message when the receiver is available.


ESME stands for External Short Messaging Entity. Thus it is a word originally produce to express an external application that joins to a Short Message Service Center (SMSC) to occupy in the sending and receiving of SMS.

However, the customer who communicates with a Message Centre is known as External Short Message Entity (ESME). Thus the ESME needs to observe the same protocol version as SMSC does to communicate.

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Features of SMPP

There are so many great features of SMPP:-

  • Spam Filtering.
  • Domestic and International SMS Piping.
  • Transactional, Promotional and OTP SMS Paths.
  • Load Balancing for better traffic management.
  • Dynamic Routing.
  • Percentage-wise Delivery Routing.
  • Direct Delivery Routing.
  • Distributed Delivery Routing.
  • Message Encryption API.
  • Message Decryption API.

Benefits of SMPP

There are so many benefits of SMPP:-

  • Its make sure rapid delivery of the messages without fail.
  • The Short Message Peer-to-Peer protocol uses a client-server application which is successful analyzes all over the globe.
  • The Other messaging systems maximum up to 20 messages/second can be sent whereas through SMPP, one can send up to 1000 messages/second.
  • It supports Unicode messaging, binary and plain texts along with the extended length text SMS.
  • This is authentic as issues of undelivered and failed messages do not appear when you send the messages between SMS server.
  • Its provides the two-way messaging.
  • It allows live delivery reports of campaigns sent between that SMS Gateway or Server.
  • It allows a custom sender to be set up.

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