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What is Transactional SMS?

Transactional SMS a vibrant way that facilitates you to send up-to-date alerts, updates, and information to customers. We have dedicated SMS gateway and Back Up Gateway for our clients to give them a better experience of bulk SMS services.

Transactional Bulk texting provides an easy way to get connected to its end users either for marketing, branding or creating awareness among their target audience by using through the internet. Telcob provides Messaging Solution’s to every industry like Travel and Logistics, Education, Healthcare, ITes/IT Companies, Transport, Telecommunications, Insurance, Banking, Real Estate, Airlines, Stock Brokers, E-commerce, etc.

Who can use Transactional SMS

Critical Financial Information

Update your client instantly for critical information like payment transfers, credit, debit through Transactional Bulk SMS etc

Educational Bulk SMS

Inform students and parents for attendance, fees and other notices through Transactional Bulk SMS.

Reach out to DND service listed customers

Transactional messages even DND (Do Not Disturb) service listed customers can be reached out and sent timely information.

Update Your Retailer Chain

Send regular updates in pricing to your retailers to engage and increase conversion through Transactional Bulk SMS

Prompt delivery of Information

The biggest benefit of using transactional SMS as a means of promotion is that quality information can be delivered promptly to the customers without any sort of delay.


Send updates to your customer for their order like order confirmation, order delivery, return confirmations transactional bulk sms service.

Ability to send SMS 24×7

One of the major benefits constituting Transactional SMS is that they can be sent anytime, anywhere.

Booking Information

Send booking information SMS for gas, business event, air/rail/bus ticket, and doctor appointments through Transactional bulk sms.

OTP Bulk SMS For Verification

Verify user identity with instant OTP verification with our Bulk SMS API.

Simple, Flexible Pricing

Over 5,000 paying customers trust Telcob to deliver more than 35 Millions Transactional Bulk SMS every month.

/ 6 months
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SMS credits 5000
Price/paisa 22 paisa
Validity 6 Months
/ 6 months
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SMS credits 10000
Price/paisa 17 paisa
Validity 6 Months
/ 6 months
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SMS credits 20000
Price/paisa 16 paisa
Validity 6 Months
/ 6 months
Get Started
SMS credits 30000
Price/paisa 15 paisa
Validity 12 Months

Features of Transactional SMS

Schedule SMS Campaign

SMS Delivery on DND Numbers

SMS Delivery without Time Restriction

Templates based SMS Campaign

Delivery Report

Customized SMS

What You Can Expect from Telcob Best-in-Class Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS – delivering information on time

With changing times, the definition and ways of SMS promotion have undergone a drastic transformation. And a part of this transformation is the rising importance of transactional SMS. Bulk SMS is the best method to keep in continuous contact with clients; all you require is their mobile numbers. It is the allocation of many numbers of text messages for sending to mobile phone workstations. Transactional Bulk SMS gateway permits a system to send or get SMS transmissions to or from a telecommunication arrangement. Most SMS are finally routed into mobile networks. Various SMS hold media conversions from email and different arrangements.

There are numerous benefits of sending transactional SMS

Prompt delivery of information

The biggest benefit of using transactional SMS as a means of promotion is that quality information can be delivered promptly to the customers without any sort of delay by Bulk SMS service. This comes in handy especially when urgent immediate information needs to be sent to the customers.

Reach out to DND service listed customers

With transactional SMS even DND (Do Not Disturb) service listed customers can be reached out and sent timely information.

Template based Bulk SMS

Since transactional SMS are template based, numerous templates can be created by the bulk SMS service provider. The sender only needs to get the approval of the SMS provider, subsequent to which he is all set to deliver informative messages to a large set of audience.

Ability to send Bulk SMS 24×7

One of the major benefits constituting transactional SMS is that they can be sent anytime, anywhere. There is no time restriction on these messages as a result of which users get notified about every single alert and information on time.

Why Telcob Transactional SMS

Sending bulk transactional SMS with the user-friendly panel of Telcob is simple, convenient and easy to use because of bulk SMS service.

with our transactional SMS API; integration into the existing system software has become a lot simpler.

Transactional SMS, Transactional Bulk SMS

SMS and behavioral marketing expertise with a personalized, customer-focused approach

Telcob is not just a provider but a trusted partner who cares about delivering measurable results. We are an innovative Transactional Bulk SMS Service Provider focusing on providing a cost-effective business solution to our valuable clients. And we provide Transactional SMS Services with API codes at no extra cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How i can send  Transactional  SMS Online

Follow the below steps to send Transactional SMS online using Telcob:

  1. Signup for a free Transactional SMS account.
  2. Add SMS credits
  3. Attach or upload contacts
  4. Compose your SMS.
  5. Easily enrich your campaigns – personalize with merge fields, insert short links, attach files, send surveys and more!
  6. Schedule or send the message
  7. Advanced campaign click reports
What is Business Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS can be used by business people, community members, marketing companies, or anyone wishing to communicate with a large crowd of people. Bulk SMS service permits you to measure the effect of your sent messages, you can track your sending reports and if you consist a link, you can measure the quantities of hits and/or sales the SMS led to.

Can i Send important sms on DND Number?

Yes!! you can send programmable sms or transactional sms on DND Number.

Is there any time limit for sending Transactional SMS?

There is no time limit for sending transactional sms, because these transactional sms are generated either by the system generated or important booking or account information so there is no time limit for sending transactional sms.

Can i generate custom  SMS?

Yes you can generate custom sms using telcob transactional sms service.

Where we can use Bulk SMS?
  1. School & Colleges
  2. Corporate sector
  3. Invitation
  4. Promotional activities
What are the features and benefits of Transactional bulk SMS?
  1. We cover all networks in India
  2. We typically use Special SMS Plugins to send SMS
  3. We provide Dynamic Sender ID and SMS Delivery reports to clients
  4. We offer SMTP, XML, COM Object, SMPP, HTTP APIs to enable easy integration
  5. A team of dedicated customer support specialists to assist you with any issues
  6. We deliver Bulk SMS on behalf of our clients and share SMS status reports