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Role of SMS Marketing in Real Estate Industry

Text Message marketing, SMS Marketing in Real estate

The best way to stand on the top spot in the local market is through SMS Marketing. Using SMS, you can reach out to prospects and existing clients via an inexpensive technology that almost everyone has access to and responds to quickly. This charming fact makes for a convincing case for professionals in the real estate sector to take note of the importance of using SMS marketing in Real Estate services.

Nowadays, there are a number of options: social media, email, mobile web, and Text Message Marketing is available for the promotion of services and giving information to the customer but most important is Bulk SMS. 

Now you have a question that “how can I make text message marketing my biggest driver of website traffic, leads, and sales?”

So, here is the solution you need to build out your mobile SMS Marketing in real estate marketing strategy, as well as a brand that are already killing it with their text messages.

Here are two awesome examples of real estate companies nailing their text message marketing strategy to provide inspiration for your own.

1. “Text for more information”

Earlier, we listed collecting your potential buyer’s information as a key part of your SMS marketing strategy. Real estate company used this idea on one of their “for sale” signs, asking potential buyers to text a number for more information on the listing. It’s a fantastic way to personalize the texts you’re sending; make sure you’re only focusing on people who are actually interested.

2. Asking for more information

Another fantastic way to engage your potential real estate buyers through text is to ask them for more information while asking for more in a way that prompts a response.

Text Message Marketing, SMS Marketing in Real Estate

Benefits of SMS Marketing in Real Estate Industry

1) Instant connectivity with clients

When a client wants information about available properties, there’s a narrow window of time to reach them. With text messages, you can offer them specifics on property listings in real-time, any time they want. Post shortcodes on real estate signs and advertisements so buyers can immediately gather more information on the property and even schedule up a showing.

Set up automatic responses for particular SMS keywords, or respond directly with the pertinent info. While you might get a few responses at odd hours, it will make sure that you are available right when a potential client reaches out.

2) Data collection helps you to meet new clients and close deals

The more information you can gather about the potential and existing clients, the better you can meet their needs. SMS makes this simple most of the information sent to you can be codified and recorded with ease.

Set up a database that keeps track of home buyers; what kinds of properties they are interested in, as well as contact info and other important details. Keep in touch with these clients over time, tracking the long-term real estate goals.

3) Reach all of your clients at once

By using mass text messaging campaigns you can reach out to an entire contact list all at once. Use a reliable web-based SMS software service to set up the campaign. With this broad delivery system, you can reach more clients in a shorter time at affordable costs.

4) SMS is relatively cheap

Text messages have the advantage of being cheaper than print marketing campaigns and other forms of advertising. You can reach out to people for a fraction of the cost of other marketing channels; yet develop client engagement at far greater effectiveness and immediacy than any other approach.

5) SMS has a terrific response rate

Many other forms of marketing are often ignored. Emails aren’t read. Also, Print ads or mailers are looked over and promptly trashed. But Text Message Marketing open-rate greater than 95% – meaning that your clients are reading just about all their text messages. Take advantage of this fact with a simple value-added message and clear call-to-action.

6) Appointment reminders and alerts are a breeze

Using technology already incorporated into mobile phones, so you can ensure your clients are aware of upcoming appointments. Alert yourself to send text messages to remind them, or use an automatic service that is linked with your appointment calendar. Your clients will appreciate your enthusiasm and are more likely to keep appointments.

sms marketing in real estate

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