Missed Call Services

Missed Call Services

In elementary, for business, it is a platform to market your product or services by delivering a phone number where your customer asks to give a missed call to achieve a different purpose. The call automatically gets disconnect after 2-3 rings, and the response gets stored.

However, This kind of marketing helps the business to fulfill multiple goals at the same time, such as, attracting relevant leads, creating brand awareness, analyzing different aspects of your campaign through a tracking dashboard, and much more.

Moreover, missed calls started as a way for people to communicate with each other. A few years ago, “giving a missed call” was acceptable to convey pre-agree things -I’ve reached home, you can pick me up now, I’m going to sleep, it’s time to wake up, a reminder to buy groceries. At its peak, the sophistication of missed calls beats the code, hands down. Thus, two rings for yes, one ring for no, three rings for whatever else you’d like it to be (as long as the other person knows the code.


Way to utilize Missed call Services for your business

Let’s find out how you can adapt to your business to upscale your brand awareness and customer engagement.

1. Customer verification


Moreover, For a business, it is necessary to target the audience so that the efficiency of its marketing and the benefits of its product/services gets utilized appropriately.

when a customer signs up for a telco account, we ask them to verify their phone number by giving a missed to a mobile number. Therefore, this is an important step in our case because if the phone number is incorrect, the customer will be unable to use the telco account.


2. Lead generation

Therefore, generating and engaging your leads is the underlying base of every business which takes a complicated turn in its execution phase. Reaching out to potential customers becomes a task.

However, this works brilliantly, especially in the case of people who do not have access to the internet or any other forms of communication. A simple mobile phone is a primary way for them to reach out to people.

Missed call services India

3. Surveys and Feedback

Even after continuous attempts, a company barely manages to collect customer feedback response on their long forms. No customer likes to deliver lengthy-time engaging feedback and audits.

Therefore, 80% of customers have forgotten an audit halfway through. Moreover, 52% of customers said that they would not spend more than 3 minutes filling out a feedback form.  

Example:- Hi Marion, thank you for booking your appointment. Please give a missed call on +91-8088800019 to record your feedback.

However, Practically this is well. Every time you booked a doctor’s appointment via their platform, they send you an SMS to gather feedback. When you give a missed call on a given number then it records your feedback for the doctor via the platform.


4. Check your balance

Therefore banks have already evoked promote this feature of missed call service by dropping the message in the customer’s inbox, and the customers have approved them for the same.


To know your balance, give a missed call on —–        Missed call services

If a company providing any monthly subscription service or offers, this service will help your customers know the status of their plans or offer a missed call.



5. Collect votes

These campaigns are a good way to build non-intrusive engagement with customers. Media and TV displays have made the finest use of this.

However, a lot of display has used the missed call to the majority appliance to build engagement in a forward manner.


6. Deliver information updates

Thus, a Missed call marketing campaign is the easiest way to give your customer updates. Missed call to a virtual phone number in India is usually followed by an SMS alert with the information request. For instance:-

Banking – Missed call services are the best way to find out details like account balance, mini statement of your account-. , etc.

E-commerce – It is seen in E-commerce companies that have missed call numbers that allow the customers to find out the status of their delivery.


Therefore, it’s fascinating to see the delivery operations of missed calls across industries. I hopefulness able to discover ways that you could appliance in your business. I feel the best part about missed calls is the simplicity of the technology and affordability. It’s no limit to any type of company or size. Thus, both small and large companies can effectively use missed call marketing.

Missed call alerts


Missed call services

Missed Call Services
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