Missed Call Alerts : A Tool for Exit Poll and Online Voting

Missed Call Alerts : A Tool for Exit Poll and Online Voting

With the 2019 elections coming up, certainly, in a technology in which a majority of  People of not actually have landline telephones, where many human beings answer most effective while calls originate from a retarded number. Due to busy schedule people, don’t have enough time to message and attend the call, email for survey and polls. Missed call alerts helpful for an Exit poll and Online Voting for news channel and media.

Missed call alerts

Missed Call Alerts : A Tool for Exit Poll and Online Voting

The missed call alerts are also used in the opt-in process, verification, polling, voting, customer feedback, lead generation & call back services. Exit Poll by Missed Call” is getting popular in India.

Previously, voting was majorly done by sending SMS to some SMS short-code, but nowaday, it is almost getting replace by “Missed Call alerts service “.

Formerly this work execute through SMS however because of SMS cost and SMS voting is restrict to telephone user and also landline person is ignoring so possibly this missed call service is free and reliable.

How Missed Call Alerts Works

long past is the days when you need to stand in the queue to vote in your candidate. Sending SMS for a voting campaign is also take into consideration to be old concept welcome to the new global of vote casting via missed call Service

  • Get miss call alert number form any provider
  • associate a purpose – Survey, Poll, Voting
  • Promote that number on  tv, hoardings, newspaper, SMS
  • Decide time for sending a missed call
  • People will start giving missed calls as Feedback of your poll and survey

Missed call alert Service helpful for Exit poll and Online Voting

Missed Call Alerts : A Tool for Exit Poll and Online VotingThis service is use currently use by Political Party BJP.  you’ll be able to easily pay attention to Prime Minister Narendra Modi Mann ki Baat by way of simply giving a miss call.

Exit Poll

Political parties use the missed call number service of their election campaigns and also polling campaign to recognize the voters’.

The supporters only should provide a missed call on a ten-digit number of the election candidate .which is provided through the cloud telephony provider companies.

Live Votes and Events Feeds

There are lots of reality shows on television to entertain the target audience and also their favorite contestants.

They use the missed-call service for voting reason and the perfect way to recognize the target audience wants


There comes the Missed call a unique platform that collects data via missed call and represents it graphically. It uses a normal phone to follow any leader or artist.

People have to just give a miss call to a number and get to register for updates from their leaders.





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