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Enhance messaging Campaigns

Enhance your messaging campaigns by leveraging data analytics. Real-time data and detailed analytics help you reach subscribers better and build valuable relationships.

Reach larger target audience

Seamlessly manage your subscribers by automating opt-in/opt-out lists through our inbuilt messaging logic and make your campaigns more successful.

Automated retry

Ensure messages delivery each time, every time. Avoid manual redundancies in case of failed delivery or lags for critical messages via automated retry mechanism.

Campaign management

Run, manage and monitor your SMS campaigns from a single, user-friendly dashboard interface. Send messages through FTP request or upload messages to our platform and let us handle the message delivery.

Messaging Queue Logic

Send as many messages as you like. Automated queue logic stores message temporarily until customers receive them and ensure they are delivered at the same pace throughout

Access Roles

Manage what each user can see and safeguard your information through unique user permissions at different levels like Admin/Manager/Agent access.

Telcob Bulk SMS Marketing Platform

The right API Partner to automate your Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign.

Quick set-up

Telcob's user-friendly platform helps you get started quickly. We allow you to set up an account in under 45 seconds and reach customers faster.

Reliable platform

99.09% uptime and our low latency make sure your messaging campaigns are delivered on time. save office space since no servers are required at the office location

Global experience

give your customers local experience whilst you operate globally. let us cope with messaging network protocols, country-specific policies while you focus on constructing your merchandise.

24/7 Connectivity for support

If you need us, get connected with us and we will surely help you. Our support team will always be there to resolve your issues as faster as possible.

Enterprise grade security

All requests are secured through primary authentication on HTTPS. 128-bit SSL Encryption is provided for added security.

Flexible & scalable

whether you are coming into a new international marketplace or including new subscribers, our platform will grow with you. Add or modify users without worrying about extra infrastructure expenses.

Strong Network

Deliver thousands of messages per second through Telcob's platform. Our strong partnership with over global telecom networks across 80+ countries helps you reach customers anywhere, any time.

Messaging API Services

Our Messaging API Services helps Businesses sending thousands of SMS within a second. Here you can Automate your sendings and Schedule messages easily.

We Design Best Messaging API Solution for your Business and work for Best Messaging Campaigns Delivery

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