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Low Cost Bulk SMS Service in India

Low Cost Bulk SMS Service India

Bulk SMS is the Best Way to Reach Customer

One of the best ways to reach Customers in India is with the use of bulk SMS service. Businesses of all industries use these resources, while open advertising campaigns provide visibility, and print ads can be successful for a degree.  Compared to conventional marketing techniques, Bulk SMS Marketing has much deeper market penetration. Any bulk SMS service provider will provide you a brand selective market globally because you can choose your goal and get them in a non-intrusive and unpaid manner.

Features that make Bulk SMS as lead Generator Tool

Reach more People

Bulk SMS helps to deliver the message quickly in just one click to millions of audience. The high open rate and quick response time of SMS messaging further supports the success of Bulk SMS Marketing. Bulk SMS helps to reach the customers directly and ensures the delivery of messages to the targeted individual. This is a cost-effective solution and serves to be a significant choice of advertisement and marketing to promote business.

Bulk SMS Marketing, Bulk SMS Service

High Open Rate

More than 90% of all SMS messages are opened and read by the recipients. Bulk SMS never have an option to be spammed, So it has a High Open Rate. Whenever SMS delivers to the customer’s pocket it gets opened and gets more engagement. You can add the following to increase engagement:

  • Include a clear call to action
  • Track your campaigns and optimize
  • Be concise and keep it short
  • Be prepared and know when your customers respond
  • Find the right frequency (per day/week/month)

Increase Presence in the Market

It offers direct communication with customers. As you know everyone keeps their mobile phone with them all the time and most people checks all new incoming text messages. You send the promotional, transactional bulk SMS. You are regularly in touch with the customer, so there are more chances to get High Open Rate and presence in the Market also Increases. It’s the perfect platform to increase your presence in the market.

Bulk SMS Marketing, Bulk SMS Service

High Return On Investment (ROI)

Every business wants to generate more revenue and for that, they use different ways to market their products and services. For Example Online Advertisements, Social Media Ads, Television ads, Email Marketing, Bulk SMS Marketing, and other Web marketing. Bulk SMS Marketing will generate a high Return on Investment because it has the highest open rate.

Cost-Effective Solution

Bulk SMS India not only reaches out to a wide range of consumers, but also facilitates a way to reach the potential market in an impersonal, yet effective way. Any bulk SMS reseller provider functions on individual zonal databases, which allows a company to look for local contacts within its range and specific target markets. This is why Bulk SMS is so cost-effective compared to other kinds of marketing activities.

Bulk SMS Marketing is a Crucial Part of Mobile Marketing

When we speak about mobile marketing, we must pay special attention to SMS marketing since SMS has proved to be one of the most effective marketing and sales tools. This small portion of information, delivered to your mobile phone, has a phenomenal 98% open rate within 3 minutes! No other marketing tool can offer such an efficiency rate, making SMS marketing the most convenient way to deliver your business message to your customers and prospects.

Telcob: Best in Class Bulk SMS Service India

There is an endless list of a bulk SMS services provider on the Internet. All are a good and reliable service provider. Telcob next level of SMS Marketing is the best company for bulk SMS services. Telcob is most popular in Bulk SMS Service and Bulk OTP Service Providers Company in India which offers the best Transactional SMS, SMS API, Bulk OTP Service with respect to Telecom Service Operators in India to provide uninterrupted SMS Solutions to keep our customers hassle-free. So that Best Bulk SMS Services through Telcob is the quickest way to reach prospective customers and promote your business.


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