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IVR System | Cloud IVR System | IVR System Provider

Optimizing Customer experiences with an IVR System

Telcob IVR System helps you making customers feel Important by answering their calls. IVR system can be available 24 hours in a day to Solve a problem and also help clients with easy tasks. However, Cloud IVR help of all sizes of the company can take benefit without having to worry about the technical issue, hardware expenses, and computing budgets.
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IVR System | Cloud IVR System | IVR System Provider

Cloud IVR system Features Automate your Conversation with Clients

Stay in touch with your Client even after Working Hours

IVR System available 24*7

Stay available for your customers round the clock. Also, Handle a large volume of calls at the same time. Offer brief, uninterrupted help to your clients. report all client messages on voicemail on non-running hours.

Wider Personalization

Each IVR system can be programmed with personalized greetings for known callers based on their caller ID information.IVR system also helps to create a better relationship with customers

Comfortable & reliable

We protect your call data by deploying protection techniques, like – encryption, secure login credentials, and many others. also Sign up and get started in less than 30 minutes.

Create a Better Company Image

They also create a better impression on customers. Cloud IVR System can create a bigger and also make more professional image by using automated systems.

Excellent voice quality

Direct customer calls to the proper department and retailers and also reduce waiting time for your callers. Forward calls to any number on a selection and also Give Information on call in Multiple Languages.

Better Decision Making

IVR system generates a detailed report about the calls, an action is taken, These report also help taking the decision regarding for business or customer support strategy

Leads Generation via Cloud IVR System

Telcob IVR Cloud System gives a unique, Cost-effective and compliant technique of generating leads for your business or your clients. Our IVR system Not only will the customer be happy, but your call agents can be used more effectively. Send Bulk SMS by Putting IVR Number in SMS Content and also Get Direct Leads Call from the customer.

Also, Cloud IVR System is considered to be for big companies that receive hundreds of calls in a day. But this perception is changing with rising competition among small businesses.

Automating calls is one aspect, but also answering every incoming call to a business is the most important need for the business,

IVR System | Cloud IVR System | IVR System Provider
IVR System | Cloud IVR System | IVR System Provider

Manage Own IVR Flow with Cloud IVR

IVR Cloud System has call routing policies are custom for your business necessities and IVR needs. Our IVR system also helps you to contact with your customer and also create a good first impression.  Provide clear and also concise information to quickly give your customers what they want. Offering too many options to improve conversations with clients

Understanding the unique metrics that apply to your business and exploring their inter-dependability will help you provide a best-in-class customer experience and accelerate your growth

A cloud-based system works 24×7. It receives calls even during non-office hours and also stores the call records for future purpose

We Design the best IVR System for your Business and Make your Customer interaction more Reliable

Telcob Services: For better Business Solution

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this Telcob IVR System?

It is a Telecom Application which stores a large pre-record message that supply information as require or desire by any organization.

Can I Use Voicemail with Automated Attendants?

Yes! Voicemail System can be connect to the Automated Attendant to give the message to the caller about unavailability, an hour of operation and also to provide the option to record a message.

Who can use IVR System?

IVR system can be use by business like finance, education, politics, retail, and office.

Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs, just the costs associated with initial setup and also ongoing usage.

Can it replace a Telephone Operator?

YES. It can actually replace a telephone operator and also it can do much more than that. But using IVR may not be easy for a first-time user, as well as people, use to Telephone Operators.

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