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Introduction to the Call Center IVR System

Introduction to the Call Center IVR System

The standard features of the call center IVR system, call center system integrates its own unique IVR function and more powerful E-IVR into the product, enabling customers to access and automate information services anytime, anywhere. And coordinate user operations. It can save a lot of money, and at the same time reduce the burden on agents, so that it can only handle calls that do need to be handled manually, and improve the quality of service.

Introduction of the Call Center IVR System

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a powerful telephone automatic service system. It uses a pre-recorded or TTS text-to-speech technology to automatically answer the voice of the system, providing a menu navigation function for customers, mainly in the call center system.

Key Features of Call Center IVR System

There are following of the feature of IVR system:-

1). 24/7 Automated IVR provides 7×24 hours service. At any time, customers can input information to the enterprise host through button or voice selection, and self-service to obtain a variety of services, so that business representatives have more time to serve customers with special requirements.

2). Concurrent Processing of IVR can handle multiple calls at the same time, plus the automatic processing process, which will greatly reduce the probability that customers will hear busy tone or give up on the way, and improve customer satisfaction.

3). Flexibility The IVR system can run multiple different applications at the same time.

For example, she can provide completely independent information system applications for internal or enterprise customers.

Above all, when processes all the way, by asking for some relevant information, such as internal ID, supplier ID, agent ID, etc., so, it is possible to automatically select which application system should be launched.

Introduction to the Call Center IVR System

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4). Intelligent IVR Design takes care of call customers from all aspects. In call distribution, the call can be automatically assigned according to the optimal algorithm or according to the user’s indication.

Consequently, transferring the call to the artificial agent; find the most suitable route transfer call, that is, find the most suitable agent to answer the call.

Therefore, specific customers can arrange for someone to answer; give priority to important customers and minimize their waiting time.

5). Efficient IVR text and speech synthesis technology, serving customers with clear, rounded sounds recorded in advance. IVR’s multilingual support allows you to play voice prompts or inquiries in different languages, depending on your requirements.

Unique Features of Cloud IVR Function:

The IVR function and E-IVR of the call center system can be used in many industries; and customers can call at any time to get the information they want, without waiting for the working hours or contacting a fixed person in charge. Specific application examples in various industries:-

(1) Bank: account balance inquiry, obvious consumption, password modification, transfer, etc.

(2) Insurance company: insurance information inquiry, joint compensation information, beneficiary information, ID card application, policy application, health consultation, etc.

(3) Freight express delivery company: information consultation, shipment tracking, arrival date inquiry, arrival location inquiry, etc.

(4) Medical institutions: qualification certification, claims, joint claims information, etc.

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(5) Aviation: flight departure/arrival time inquiry, fixed customer information, booking information, intelligent call processing, scheduled ticket seat confirmation, automatic cancellation route notification, cargo supervision, booklet issuance, etc.

(6) Securities companies: stock telephone transaction entrust, valuation inquiry, new share issuance, stock review, latest market notice, etc.

(7) Telecommunications: special telecommunications services, promotion information inquiry, fee inquiry, name/address change, business outlet inquiry, etc.

(8) Others: government agencies, outsourcing services, higher education, and other government/public utilities, etc.


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