How SMS Services is beneficial for automobile industry?


The automobile industry is the largest and the fastest-growing industry in all over the world. With the steady increase in the per capita income of the people, they just emotion to own a car despite the unusual hike in the prices of petrol and diesel. It has been seen many times that public demand is more than supply. Due to this, people have to wait for their favorite model for several months whether it is 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler for their final delivery.

Automobile companies are now more concentrating on the mid and lower model cars to target middle-class families. Due to which, a middle-class common person with average income can also dream to purchase a car with so many choices of options. This is the reason why the automobile sector has substantiated a drastic transformation from the past few years.

Some facts about the Automobile Industry:

On every Rs 100, you spend to buy a small car, approximately Rs 56 goes to the government in the form of various taxes.

The auto industry generates employment of 13 persons for each truck, 6 persons for each car, and four persons for each three-wheeler and one person for two-wheelers.

The auto industry currently employs 19.5 million people both directly and indirectly.

The auto industry contributes 25% to the total manufacturing GDP.

From one car made for 3186 people in India in 1995, we now have 481 people for that one car.

Most of the automobile companies and brands have established their names over the years. Some new players are also coming in the middle to give stiff competitions to the already established brands.

To improve sales and bring more effectiveness in communication with the customers, auto companies are using various ways of communication to get maximum results and conclusions. Among all, SMS services have been come out as the most useful and convenient way, which helps them to target maximum people with minimum expenses.

Benefits of SMS Services in Automobile Industry


1. With the assistance of SMS services, automobile companies can directly connect with customers with maximum engagement. More than 94% of text messages are open and read by the people, maximum as compared to the other modes.

2. They can provide the latest updates and information about the newly launched vehicle in the market with SMS and also send any important updates regarding their purchased product.

3. SMS services can help auto dealers in generating leads, promotion of their brands with the exciting offers and provide them after-sales services alerts.

4. SMS is something that could be read by the people within 4 minutes of its delivery. So It can also save time and money for the auto companies in reaching their targeted customers.

How SMS Services Can Growth in the Automobile Industry

1. Notifications & Reminders Regarding Maintenance

To service vehicles always what people use to remember and want to service their vehicles on time. What you can do is start sending them reminders SMS about their due servicing in advance. This will help them to remind the date of servicing so that they can reach and finish it on time and keep their vehicle up to date. And if you do something like this, it will increase your customer relationship. And it will definitely increase your growth.

2. Policy & Insurance Reminders

Along with servicing reminders and maintenance, the only thing that Kasatomaras takes most care of is vehicle insurance. They like it a lot when someone reminds them of such things And by using Sons Services, you can make this thing possible. You can send some such valuable reminders to your valuable customers and inform them in advance of policies & insurance renewal.

3. Booking  Confirmation SMS

We can get the customers update by sending SMS about their vehicle booking status. Also, we can be aware them about the arrival of their booked vehicle through an SMS. Generally what happens is people have to wait to get the vehicle they booked due to a shortage of vehicles. Companies assign a particular date or a period of the delivery. So, our arrival SMS will surely work well for them.

4. Use Picture &  Graphical Messages for the new update

Pictures are the best way to get the interest of the people towards your product. Whenever you are planning to launch a new car or vehicle, instead of sending simple text messages, you can go with the picture messages along with the pricing and discount offers with the attachments. You can also use PDFs and spreadsheets for better understanding.

5. Feedback Campaigns

Feedback of the customer plays a vital role in getting their reviews and opinion about their likes and preferences and also their valuable feedback regarding your products and services. We can send a questionable form about their feedback or start a survey or a campaign on how to improve the services. This will definitely help us in winning the trust factor of the customers.

6. Send Them Event Invitation

The automobile is one of those industries where lots of events of programs have been regularly organized by companies such as auto expos, product launch events, etc. So, this is the correct opportunity for them to pitch the customers through SMS invites. You can use SMS attachments to share auto trends.

7. Increase Your Brand Value

Our website is one of the important parts which makes and establish us as a brand. It showcases the variety of product ranges with fresh details and helps customers to be aware of the latest happenings and the updations in our company.

So, you have to pay much attention to it and start working on improving brand visibility by building website traffic. You can send your landing page links with the text message for promoting your website and keep tracking who are those interested in your brand.

8. Share Safety Tips

Safety is very important for the people, and they should follow the traffic rules for their security. And for their safety Automobile companies can send safety and security tips and reminders by the SMS. These alertness messages will affect their mindsets and lifestyle, and they will take much attention next time whenever they will use their vehicles.


These are some tips by which you can bring SMS Services in the automobile industry and make it a primary and main weapon to target the customers. I hope you will definitely get this article informative and knowledgeable and I hope you have a knowledge about the importance, effectiveness, and the power of bulk SMS services in the Automobile Industry. And if you also want to enhance your automobile industry you can also take the services in the very affordable and effective pricing from the Telcob

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