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How Property Dealers Can Generate Leads with Bulk SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is one of the most leading conversion rate systems than any other marketing campaign. There is a misunderstanding about the bulk SMS marketing that it has bulk SMS marketing is not that useful now as it used to be and has become outmoded. But this is not true. Property Dealers Can Generate Leads with Bulk SMS Marketing.

SMS has the highest opening rate of 99 percent according to the thoughts which are way more than any other marketing channel. Due to huge conflict in the real estate, property dealers are now using SMS marketing to counter the growing competition.

The real estate industry has particular targets and they require qualified leads in a short time extent. Because their property remains unsold, more will be the price reduction.


Let’s discuss how property dealers can generate more leads with the help of bulk SMS marketing.


Bulk SMS marketing


Scheduling the campaigns

SMS systems can be numerous ways to schedule multiple campaigns. It allows the property dealers to run the campaign on a different set of customer contact simultaneously. You might have observed similar features in the email marketing tools but today, these facilities are also accessible in the SMS systems. SMS focus on very less text because of the text limit restraint, it is quite easy to set a short time border as well. You don’t need to plan the content creation schedule. Even real-time campaigns can execute successfully.

Smarter URL

The SMS services allow you to join the URL with the information that can help in real-time tracking of customer engagement. Property dealers can also send the website links in SMS so that the consumers can get more information from the website itself. With the geotagging features, it is easier to identify the areas where your messages are doing better and are generating the value. This is relevant for the further planning of the campaigns.

Auto Response

Independent systems are configured using bulk SMS. This helps in customer data collection. You can send a series of messages which can get responses in the form of the numbers or the text that indicate customer choices. In other words, it allows more targeted surveying of the customers to gain valuable information from the customers. These decisions can be inserted into the CRM systems and it allows the property dealers to directly engage with the prospecting clients.

Building the customer database

As more and more responses are being auto-enabled, it is easier to build the list of users who are more likely to buy or rent a property based on their responses. Each of the SMS can be affiliated with the particular executive and can engage with the user in real-time and change their decision.

Improving the visibility of Services

Bulk SMS services can help property dealers to improve the clarity of their services. Property dealers can use SMS marketing to develop more targeted campaigns that have more chances of being noticed by the prospecting lead. Once a database of dormant customers is created, sending a personalized message to the customer group can extend a great response as connected to when you carry out an email marketing campaign or any other digital marketing work.

Better response rate

SMS marketing has a better possibility rate than any other marketing channel. This is because SMS can be verified instantly at any time. Almost every SMS is being controlled by the users. In the past few years, there were not many digital options to SMS, and people used to have discussions via SMS. Today, people check the SMS as now they are used only for the most prominent communication.


SMS marketing

Bulk SMS is a numerous way to generate more leads on part of the property dealers. You have to choose the bulk SMS service that is reliable and has low SMS drip rates. Telcob is a bulk SMS provider company in India that is providing premium bulk SMS services to the property dealers and helping them to improve their business.

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