How Cloud Telephony India Changing the Face of Government Bodies

How Cloud Telephony India Changing the Face of Government Bodies

Every business is moving for cloud telephony then how PSUs and government bodies can stay behind. As adoption of cloud telephony India growing rapidly by every business sector. In India mostly PSUs and government bodies are choosing cloud telephony. Demand for cloud telephony services such as IVR, virtual number, Toll-free number has grown more than ever before. In this article, we will discuss how is cloud telephony changing government sector? What is the advantage of accepting cloud telephony?

What is Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony is the technology that moves your business phone system to the cloud. It is a voice and messaging service that replaces the need for the conventional business telephone system, say, – PBX, EPBAX, etc. Cloud Telephony can be used for incoming as well as outgoing calls. But in India, it is used primarily for Incoming calls. Cloud telephony is the real solution where you won’t need any old telecom lines and all your business communication will be switched to the cloud.

Why PSUs and Govt. bodies Accepted Cloud Telephony India

As we know that The govt.sector is very large and they get a large number of call in a day which is very difficult to manage. PSUs and Govt. bodies have many branches and It’s complicated for this sector to the managing of calls from multiple branches. So for efficient call management, this sector accepts the cloud telephony system. Cloud telephony India gives data security with better call quality to PSUs and Govt. bodies. Cloud telephony gives a virtual number so communication could be easy for PSUs and govt. bodies.

Advantage of Cloud Telephony India to PSUs and Govt. Bodies

 PSUs and Govt. bodies got various advantage by cloud telephony.

Zero Capital Expense

After accepting the cloud telephony no need to invest in human, hardware and, software. It also saves the expenses of maintenance.

Flexible Staffing

Cloud telephony allows to route calls anywhere across India and even world too. It can serve in local language as well as multiple languages.

Single Contact Number

The Main benefit of cloud telephony is that It provides a single contact number so it becomes easy to manage the calls and gives better communication between all branches of PSUs and Govt. bodies.

Unified Number

The Same number for all the location gives a unique identity to these sectors. It became easy to remember for all and make a long-lasting effect.


With cloud telephony india, PSUs and Govt. bodies can add more branches without any problem. Cloud telephony can handle these changes easily.

Complete Reporting of all calls

A big advantage of cloud telephony to PSUs and Govt. bodies is that can get detailed reporting of all calls like duration of calls, How many calls held or not, an agent with maximum calls.

In this way, many apps can be developed for the benefit of citizens ranging from education to law and order to health and much more. These technologies can take government projects to the pinnacle.

Even the private sector has left no stone unturned to avail the benefits of the cloud. Many top Indian companies like Flipkart, Wipro have successfully implemented cloud to satisfy the needs of their company as well as their clients’.

Efficient Governance with Cloud Telephony

Not only businesses but the government have also taken a number of steps to make digital India a success. Key initiatives by the government like BHIM-Aadhar Pay app, GSTN, eNAM, Digital Locker System, etc. propelled a significant portion of the population to go digital.

A decade ago smartphones were not as common as they are today. People used feature phones to make calls and for other basic activities. 70% of the Indian population, based in rural areas is still using the same technology. They are not well informed about the internet, social media, and other digital channels of communication. But, they are aware of a phone call, a helpline number, from where they could seek help while they are learning a digital way of doing things.

Even during demonetization, there was a lot of chaos and confusion amongst the rural people as they were unable to use digital transaction and ended up in a cash crunch. Banks and e-wallet companies faced huge call traffic. This was the time when cloud telephony came to the rescue.

A call management system helped the banks as well as e-wallet companies to handle huge call traffic. At the same time, customer helpline toll-free numbers increased their accessibility for the public. Overall, cloud telephony provided a backbone to the whole process of turning digital.

Mr Nilekani- chairman of the UIDAI stated during a talk to the World Bank, “First of all, this is not an ID project. There is no card. There is a number. It is a virtual number on the cloud, and we don’t give a physical card. We do send you a physical letter with your number, which you keep in your pocket, but the real value of this is the number on the cloud.”

The ways the government and private sectors in India are accepting cloud, it can be assumed that very soon the entire IT industry will be operating on the cloud.


How Cloud Telephony India Changing the Face of Government Bodies
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