Boost Your Black Friday Sale With Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS Marketing Services

Black Friday Sale! This is chance of Grow Your Black Friday Sale with Bulk SMS Marketing.

Build highly converting promotions for your website and business before Black Friday! our all services are meant to increase your website sales and revenue, With our Bulk SMS Marketing Services, you can double your Black Friday Sales, so we start “BLACK FRIDAY SALES NOW” to help you achieve higher and better results!

Before we get into How to Boost Your Black Friday Sale With Bulk SMS Marketing Services, let’s understand exactly what is Bulk SMS marketing. Bulk SMS Marketing is a way to reach your customers or prospective customers through SMS who have given your business explicit permission to contact them. This definitely applies to Bulk SMS Marketing Services. So many businesses (likely your competitors) do not use SMS marketing responsibly. Just because you have permission to SMS someone does not mean you should constantly blast SMS them with your latest blog posts or sales pitches

Instead, you need to use Bulk SMS marketing responsibly since it is such a powerful channel. Let’s take a look at why it is so important for your business and Sales.

How to Boost Your Black Friday Sale With Bulk SMS Marketing Services

Do you know 81.2% is the SMS open rate? SMS Services is one of the best strategies of mobile marketing with 97% of open rate Bulk SMS Services beats another form of marketing. So that Bulk SMS Marketing instantly boosts customer reach and Bulk SMS Marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies used by business owners around the globe. From the moment you hit “Send” to the moment your subscriber receives your text. The average time taken for Bulk SMS delivery is under 7 seconds.

Communicate With Your Valuable Services

Remember that your consumers seek valuable offers. Always make sure that the SMS you send (Bulk SMS Marketing) out creates a hard to resist offers. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers or prospective customers and ask yourself, will this interest them? Will this encourage them to check out, visit your website and store, call or email you?

Bulk SMS Marketing Services

Start Text With Show This Special Offer Only For You

Bulk SMS Marketing is built to be concise and to the point. Your audience is busy people, and not getting to the point straight away will turn them off. Just cut right to the chase in order to reach everyone. Placing your offer at the beginning of the message grabs maximum attention.

Bulk SMS Marketing

Keep it Exclusive

In order to make the most out of your bulk SMS campaign, make sure you that what your offers seem to be exclusive to the person reading and receiving it. Make your audience feel as though they are part of something special. If an offer is available to everyone, then redeeming that offer becomes less attractive and urgent. Making a sale via Bulk SMS is all about ensuring your feel special and valued.

Bulk SMS

Show Up Your SMS In Urgency

Your business can see rising footfall, website visits, and revenue if you create a sense of urgency amongst your audience. Your audience will take time out of their day if you create enough of a reason for them too. An offer is a viable offer only if there is an expiry date associated with the offer and that this is clearly communicated in the offer itself

SMS Marketing

Always Mention Your Website URL in SMS

Mentioning the website URL is the single most important element of your text message that your audience will need to know in order to redeem the offer. Do not miss out on stating the exact location of your Website/Store, even if it is an eCommerce store. Your audience would lose respect and willingness to engage with you as a brand if you grabbed their attention with an offer, without telling them where to go to get it.

Bulk SMS

Include A Call To Action

A call to action is vital in order to lead the customer into your sales funnel. Keep your call to action (Bulk SMS Marketing) clean and simple and easy to follow. Assume that your audience is lazy, but a clever call to action will spring them into action.

SMS Marketing Company

State Your Brand Name Explicitly

There are different ways to ensure that your audience knows where the text is coming from. The sender ID can be used for this purpose, but what your audience is reading when they receive the text is the text itself, so it’s worth signing off with who you are in the body of the text as well.


Why Choose only Telcob SMS Services

Telcob Next Level Education & Technology is the best company for a bulk SMS services provider in India. Telcob is most popular in Bulk SMS Service and Bulk OTP Service Providers Company in India which offers best Transactional SMS, SMS API, Bulk OTP Service with respect to Telecom Service Operators in India to provide uninterrupted SMS Solutions to keep our customers hassle-free. So that Best Bulk SMS Services through Telcob is the quickest way to reach prospective customers and promote your business. Telcob is also the most cost-effective and reliable company for digital marketing.


Unlike other marketing strategies, users don’t have to worry about going over budget while marketing. If anything, SMS is more economical to utilize than any other marketing strategy.

We hope our blog has helped you understand a few benefits of Building Your Business with Telcob Bulk SMS Marketing, and how the power of Bulk SMS can easily boost your customer reach.

Boost Your Black Friday Sale With Bulk SMS Marketing
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