E-Commerce v/s Traditional Commerce

E-Commerce vs Traditional Commerce

Gone are the days when everyone had to be dependent on traditional marketing. You must remember that there was a time when the customer had to go out of his house to get a small thing. Now everything has changed, now the product reaches the human being itself. Now there are such platforms, by which you can ask for any product from your house. That too while saving their time and money. Today there are still many people who are still dependent on traditional marketing and give more importance to the same.


E-Commerce is the process of buying and selling goods, products, and services over the internet. E-Commerce is known as Electronic or Internet Commerce. In E-Commerce, customers can easily buy and sell goods over the internet from their homes. Thus, by taking benefits of effective and heavy discounts sometimes with the additional feature of Delivery at the doorstep.

Whereas, Traditional marketing is the process of exchanging goods and services in the form of money directly. It involves face to face meetings and dealing with the parties for exchanging goods and services.

E-Commerce is used to save precious money and time. While Traditional commerce is used from ancient times and still is in use where the digital network is not available.

E-commerce is very cost-effective as compared to traditional commerce. The cost of commission to middlemen is eliminated in e-commerce. E-commerce provides a direct link between the business and the customer. In traditional commerce, there is a load to give the commission to the agent or dealer to sell the company’s product. The total cost required to run e-business is also comparatively less than a traditional business.

E-Commerce v/s Traditional Commerce, E-Commerce v/s Traditional Commerce, E-Commerce v/s Traditional Commerce

E-Commerce v/s Traditional CommerceTraditional Commerce provides less and fewer cone connectivity as compared to E-Commerce(Electronic and Internet Commerce). As in e-commerce, we have a website that has global access to itself. It can be accessed virtually (online) from any place at any time using the internet. Today everyone has a mobile with internet connectivity too. Thus in the case of Electronic commerce, it is easier to reach our customers.

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 Electronic Commerce

is easy to operate and use.

If anyone has a basic digital

gadget knowledge.

It can be followed

by any person

without any particular

knowledge of digital gadgets.

Interaction There is no face to face interaction

between the parties while doing business

All the things go online.

There is a face to face interaction

between the parties while doing business

or with any respective.

Maintenance It is easier to maintain

as Electronic-Commerce use

single warehouse to store the goods.

While on the other hand,

the products are required to attract

customers. It is more cost-effective.

Business The biggest advantage of using

E-Commerce is to that without

any hassles we can gain

more business.

It is more difficult to gain  business

in traditional commerce as there

is no source for reaching

the customer.

Purchase The inspection

of a product is not possible

at the beginning of the purchase.

On the other hand,

the customer inspects the

the product clearly before purchase.

Ecommerce vs traditional commerce, E-commerce, Traditional

E-Commerce vs Traditional Commerce


From this article, it has been known that by using e-commerce, you can save both your money and time. As everyone knows nowadays everyone has a mobile, everyone is going towards e-commerce. Many people are still sitting with their small business and blaming e-commerce on non-sales. While they don’t know that a little effort can make them a successful businessman. Everyone has to change over time. It would be a good habit to make your traditional business an electronic business.  

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