Difference Between Domestic Toll Free Number and International Toll Free Number

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When you’re looking for a business telephone number, you’ll find that there are a variety of options available in the market like Domestic Toll-Free Number, International Toll-Free Number, & Local Toll-Free number. This can often confuse customers who aren’t sure which type of phone number is right for them. Here, we’ll compare the features and benefits of a domestic toll-free number and an international toll-free number.

International Toll-Free Number

International toll free numbers allow customers in a specific country to call toll free, without any charge, making them a great marketing and communication tool for any business. Instead, the cost is passed along to you, making it easy for customers to contact your company.

An international toll-free number is also formatted differently to let the caller know that their call will be free of charge. These formats vary based on the country the number is for but are clearly recognizable.

How does an international toll-free number work?

One of the best ways to demonstrate how international toll-free numbers work is to give an example.

Let’s say that your office is located in New Zealand. But, you actually have a large customer base in Australia. If those customers were to call you on your local New Zealand number, they’d be charged a lot of money.

To get around this problem, you’d buy an Australia toll-free number. These numbers are free to call for customers in Australia, and the calls can be easily routed back to your landline, mobile phone, or PBX system in Newzealand.

What restrictions are associated with international toll-free numbers?

If you are planning to buy an international toll-free number, it is important to know functionality. It’s possible that your phone number may not work with mobile phones, for example. It’s essential to discuss these restrictions with your provider so you understand any limitations before you purchase a new number.

Domestic Toll-Free Numbers

A Domestic toll-free number works similarly to a traditional international toll-free number, but it comes with a few more advantages. These phone numbers are traditionally a lot more cost effective and have lower monthly and set up fees.

How does a domestic toll-free number work?

Just like its counterpart, a domestic toll-free number is also country-specific. This means that you’ll need a different phone number for each country you’re targeting.

The domestic toll-free number has fewer restrictions than international toll-free numbers. These numbers are accessible using nearly any type of phone so, they’re a great asset for businesses that want to market to every type of customer in a country.

What are common problems with domestic toll-free numbers?

While there aren’t any real problems with domestic toll-free numbers, one thing to keep in mind is that these numbers are formatted differently. While they are still recognizable as “toll-free,” domestic toll-free numbers look slightly different than their international toll-free number pair.

Both domestic toll-free numbers and international toll-free numbers have their own specific use. A toll-free number are great options for most businesses. but, deciding between the two can be difficult.

Difference Between Domestic Toll Free Number and International Toll Free Number
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