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How Cloud Telephony Services Will Help Your Small Business To Grow

Cloud Telephony

Small Companies normally work on a fixed budget and low-profit margins. So, they are always on a lookout to boost their profits to create a sustainable company. SMEs discover it challenging to grow their revenue without forcing employees and reducing service quality. 

For small companies to grow their revenue, it is important to give excellent client service and product support. Still, in the earlier days of the IT revolution, businesses used to purchase and maintain costly hardware parts, including PBXs, switches, gateways, etc. to keep up their internal and external communication methods. In addition to this, the traditional communication set up also needed normal maintenance prices.

By a Cloud Telephony Solution, you don’t have to purchase or maintain costly hardware like VoIP adapters, PBX system, etc. Each of these hardware is present at the cloud telephony provider site. You have to pay for a monthly rental plan to leverage cloud telephony. Hence, saving you huge amounts of money that you can utilise in your marketing operations to scale your small business.

What is Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony services can be given through a software system obtainable through the Internet. The telephone service in the cloud can be given through the use of IP devices: a software application installed on a computer, tablet or cell phone, or further through IP Phones. Also, the user can use their Internet access to carry out communications although of their location.

Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony gives business communication solutions for all kinds of firms with an easy-to-use, pay-as-you-grow model. It works as an all in one platform that meets all the communicational requirements of companies through voice, calling, auto-attendant, Interactive Voice Response and many more characteristics that help firms understand their client’s betters, resolve their questions faster and improve agent performance. During this technological advancement in communication, companies can improve their presence in the market and attract possible customers.

How Cloud Telephony Services Will Help Your Small Business To Grow

There are so many factors where Cloud Telephony Services will help your small business to grow:

1. Cost-Effective

Cloud Telephony

Using a cloud telephony solution for your business is far more cost-effective when compared to traditional on-premise PBX systems. Traditional on-premise PBX systems are costly as they need costly hardware for their operations. As in cloud telephony, all the hardware is managed and maintained by the host organisation, and you protect a vital amount of money.

2. Improved Productivity

Cloud Telephony

By advanced characteristics that cloud telephony offers, you can answer the user’s call as soon as they dial their company number. Characteristics like Auto Attendant for office makes it possible. You can welcome clients with a custom music or promotional message which provides sufficient time for agents to cover up the current call and pick up the next. 

3. Brand Building

Cloud Telephony

By cloud telephony, you can alter the perception of your company and project it as a leading industry by offering engaging client experience. You can operate the user’s call to the correct department or team by setting up a multi-level IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to instantly solve their inquiries or give support.  As a result, users start trusting your company, and you build brand authority by showing that clients are the best preference for your business. 

4. Integrations

Cloud Telephony

Cloud telephony gives integration with other necessary business applications, including office suites, CRMs, etc. Among these custom integrations, you can streamline work methods to accelerate sales and hence improve your revenue to balance your business. 

5. Call Recordings and Analytics

Cloud Telephony

By a cloud telephony solution for your business, you can opt to record the calls of your users, which you can utilise to analyze client behaviour, agent performance, and much more. Hearing to the recordings of your users will help you to understand clients’ pain details and formulate strategies to encourage more conversions. Along with call recordings, you also get all the analytics data, which involves the total number of calls, location of calls, number of missed and dropped calls, complete call duration, and other necessary metrics.

6. Flexible Scalability

It doesn’t mean if your small business is beginning with just a team of two members. By cloud telephony, you don’t have to spend for unused resources, i.e., the total number of call minutes, call recordings, etc. The pricing plans of most maximum cloud telephony provider companies are flexible, i.e., you spend for only what you use. Let’s tell your company grows after several months, and you need more resources, i.e., extensions, monthly calling minutes, etc. You can instantly scale your cloud telephony solution by changing to a higher plan offered by your provider.  

Selection of cloud telephony by small businesses and startups is on the rise as it enables them to use premium communication features at a very low cost. Thus, saving them lots of money which they can use on balancing their small businesses and startups.

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