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4 Cloud-Based Services To Build Your Business Powerful

Cloud-Based Services To Build Your Business Powerful

Cloud-Based Services is used for Regular marketing. Regular marketing can present your company identification. Thus you can reach your audience with a powerful marketing strategy, and it is easy for your clients to find your company or services. Thus companies must consider voice services in their marketing plan.

Voice branding can create a more visible image for your business or company. For businesses, websites can assist to get obtained online but a phone call converts a caller (Lead) into a client (Sale). With voice services, clients can comfortably reach to you & you can solve their doubts. So you can improve client satisfaction. With Cloud-Based voice branding, you can produce client service from anywhere.

Here I am sharing the top 4 Cloud-Based Phone Services are discussed below, thus which can help to Build your Business more Powerful:-

  • Toll-Free Number
  • Missed Call Alert Service
  • Voice Broadcasting
  • IVR System

1. Toll-Free Number

Cloud-Based Services

Cloud-Based Services


A Toll-Free Number is a telephone number that promoted for all arriving calls instead of earn charges to the develop telephone subscriber. Thus For the calling party, a call to a toll-free number from a landline is free of charge.

Toll-Free Number (also known as Free Phone Number) enables a client to communicate a company without spending calling charges connected with the call. Thus toll-free numbers are an important business asset that can produce a bunch of opportunities for your company.

To know more about tollfree, see these blog: Toll-Free Number: Features and Benefits

Benefits of Toll-Free Number

Here is the list of some important benefits of having a Toll-Free Number:-

1. Increase Brand Image

2. Perfect Marketing Tool

3. Improve Customer Satisfaction

4. Easy Porting


2. Miss Call Alert Service


Miss Call Alert Service is a computerised web-based application to reach clients directly. By easy to use missed call service, you will get real-time information of all your calls on your cell phone or landline number. Each call is necessary for your business, but with this service, your business never misses a single call.

It is the fastest medium to identify the client’s requirements and their opinions about your businesses. Thus the service will involve the audience with your business and give you the happiness of the clients which works as long-term support for your business branding.

The Miss Call Alert Service is used in the verification, polling, voting, customer feedback, lead generation & call back services.

To know more about missed call service, see this blog: Missed Call Services

Benefits of Miss Call Alert Service

Here is the list of some important benefits of having a Miss Call Alert Services:-

  • Lead Generation
  • Voting
  • Pulling and Campaigning
  • Opinion Polls
  • Verification
  • Getting Feedback

3. Voice Broadcasting

Voice Broadcasting is a mass communication method that can send calls to hundreds or even thousands of call recipients in a very short time. Thus it is a popular method for direct marketing of your company. Voice Broadcasting service is an efficient and cost-effective method to deliver meeting reminders, promote events, conduct surveys, automate client alerts, and more.

Cloud-Based Services


Voice Broadcasting allows companies to together communicate with as many people as possible. Many government associations, corporations, and groups use call broadcast to reach out people in bulk. Thus it is a powerful communication tool to maintain a strong connection with a good part of people.

To know more about voice broadcasting, see this blog: Voice Broadcasting and Benefits of Its

Benefits of Voice Broadcasting

Here is the list of some important benefits of having a Voice Broadcasting:-

1. Message Consistency

2. Reaching the Audience

3. Flexible

4. Increase Scalability



4. IVR System

Cloud-Based Services

IVR System stands for Interactive Voice Response System. Therefore, It is an automated telephony system technology that allows to computer interact with the callers through the use of voices and recorded voices and thus its the most common way for phones to communicate with the computer through the voices.

Interactive Voice Response System used for multiple purposes like processing and clients phone calls, providing transaction details and providing information on new products etc. Thus, this system consists of different menus, sub-menu, and option based on the application.

Therefore, The main advantage of Interactive Voice Response  System is that they can pick up the huge call capacity much more efficiently and inexpensive than having Human assistants at hand.

To know more about voice broadcasting, see this blog: What is the IVR System and Types of IVR System?

Benefits of IVR System

Here is the list of some important benefits of having an IVR System:-

  • Increase First Contact Resolution
  • Increase Customer Service Efficiency
  • Strong Brand Image
  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Increase Professionalism

Cloud-Based Services

loud-Based Services

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