Can we boost website traffic with bulk SMS marketing?

How to Boost website traffic with bulk SMS marketing?

Bulk SMS Marketing



Yes, we boost everybody knows the value of digital marketing and its essential features in the field of bulk SMS marketing. Bulk SMS services can be used in most of the business for the promotion and marketing strategies. The services can be alongside other web marketing tools, for instance, online networking, link building, SEO and such other web Marketing platform techniques.

This is the best technique to hype your business immediately online whether to start up business or enterprise. There are so many solution providers who can help you in growing your business through these techniques. Sending your business campaign in a batch with just a single click is a cost-efficient tool.

There are many advantages of using this tool of advertising as like, the SMS will immediately deliver and promote your business instantly. This tool sends your updated campaign as well as a draw to customers towards your business.

Let’s discuss how can make lead with the help of bulk SMS marketing compaign



  • Try to send your best services to the target group and categorize by their needs, gender, age, etc…
  • Bulk SMS is a reasonable price among all the strategies present in India for the marketing and promotion strategies. So, it is advisable to find a reasonable bulk SMS company that provides effective and efficient bulk SMS services.
  • SMS is known as a short message service. So, the message conveys in SMS should be short and to the point. It is counted as the best marketing strategy in a proficient way.
  • Bulk SMS can send to client for their upcoming offers and deals. It helps enhancement in customer interest in the business.
  • You can ask for reviews from important clients. The review process can help you in the enhancement of the business. It helps in build a business growth and relationship with the customer.

Ways to increase traffic to your website using SMS marketing



      1. Embedded links

Despite being limited to 160 characters, the SMS space still allows marketers to provide the customer with relevant information. You may not have sufficient room for a sales pitch. But you can include a link to drive traffic to your website.

Another reason to embed a link in an SMS message is to lure customers to your social media compaign. If you want to invite a customer to like a page, a link gives them a one tap-access without having to exit the text and open their browser.

  1. Offer incentives

It is not possible for every business to propose an offer via SMS. Marketers do not need much space to provide recipients with an incentive that promises a reward in exchange for clicking a link. Incentives can tie to almost any marketing compaign.

  1. Utilise SMS API

Now app developers have figured out ways of sourcing web traffic using an SMS API, marketers can streamline messages and connect apps, brands, and customers. SMS messaging services allow you to send out bulk messages and combining the qualities of an app with the user experience of an app increases your chances of attracting more visitors.

Because SMS has such a high open rates. SMS API is ideal for time-sensitive offers and the quickest way to pull customers into your sales funnel. Where you take customers from there will depend on compaign you are running, but SMS can be integrated with multiple online channels.

  1. SMS marketing platform

The marketing platform provides analytics and allows you to schedule SMS messages to send at a time in the future. This gives you the opportunity to plan your content ahead, but still have enough time to make adaptions that will improve result.

For example- you might compare the response of two SMS messages and find that messages and find that one method has significantly better results. Integrate SMS messaging service into your overall marketing platform strategy has a number of benefits.

Can we boost website traffic with bulk SMS marketing?
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