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Business Toll-Free Number : Why Does Business Need One

The Best business toll-free number provider is built on the idea that your caller can call you for free, although the responsibility to pay for these calls lies with you. Toll-Free Number provider, boost your marketing efforts and improve your company image. So, by offering your customers a free and convenient way to reach you and push your business ahead. We are the best business toll-free number provider offering you a connection between you and your clients at No cost.

Business Toll-Free Number: Why Does Business Need One, business toll-free number

Traditionally Toll-free numbers had used primarily for:

Un-earthing Willing Customers

You never know where on Earth is your potential customer hiding. A toll-free number service is a bridge between him and you. If you and your caller reside in the same country, your caller can dial your number for free. Best Toll-Free number service enables your customers to engage with you regarding products and services. And work closely with them to understand and crater their needs well.

Building a Professional Image

Any company grows by the hype and the market sentiment associated with its brand. A toll-free number helps you build a professional image and helps boosts your market value. Hence Toll-free number service in India enhance your corporate image by engaging customers with free reach out services like phone support and stay close to your customers.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Although it may seem like an expensive affair when looked upon superficially about toll-free number service but a deeper look confirms that it is like winning a billion-dollar lottery by investing in a lottery ticket costing no more than a couple of cents.

Customer Sentiment

If I consider myself as a customer and reflect at the moments when I was in a dilemma, whether or not to call a company, toll-free numbers were the ones that compelled me to take that last foot forward. “It’s a free call, after all, I have nothing to lose”, this is a general notion. This is valid primarily when a company is in B2C business.

Hence Toll-free number providers are fast-paced mediums for generating leads as you can gather the data as they call you up for service inquiries.

Placing a Toll-Free Number for your campaign advertising, a toll-free number is a valuable and effective marketing tool. You opt a this for your business, but you’re not done yet. You have to make sure that you use and promote it in the right way. Studies show that people respond 30% more to an advertisement with a toll-free number.

Here are some ways where you can promote your business toll-free number.

1.Promote toll-free number with E-mail campaigns

Mention your vanity number in your email marketing campaign (Toll-free number providers). It will work as call-to-action and your number will be shown a huge number of potential customers.

Consumers have a 57.6% Average Higher Recall Rate of Vanity 800 Numbers over URLs.

2. Promote toll-free number with an SMS campaign

Use your 1800 vanity number as a potential keyword in your SMS campaign (Toll-free India).

Vanity phone numbers were 33% more likely to drive clicks in mobile ads than their generic counterparts.

3. On social media profiles

Social media is an outstanding channel to find new customers and interact with your existing customers and target audience. Run the Facebook ads and use your vanity toll-free number as a call-to-action.

Running a contest or promotion involving your vanity toll-free number is very effective when done through Facebook. It will help to build your brand and get you 1800 number in front of more potential customers.

4. Put your 1800 number on your attractive business cards.

Business Toll-Free Number: Why Does Business Need One, business toll-free number

5. Email signature with your number.

6. Use print media and direct mail and try to repeat the Toll-Free number at least 3 times.

Business Toll-Free Number: Why Does Business Need One, business toll-free number

7. Use TV and radio ads

Display the number for at least 20 seconds and repeat it verbally as well

8. Use the website

Use the toll-free number as a call to action for your business toll-free number. Place your toll-free number on your website and relevant web pages. It will get leads for you!

Business Toll-Free Number: Why Does Business Need One, business toll-free number

9. Most of the smartphone users prefer a click-to-call option to connect with a business.

Business Toll-Free Number: Why Does Business Need One, business toll-free number

10. Banners and flyers which carry a toll-free number

Business Toll-Free Number: Why Does Business Need One, business toll-free number

Get a Business Toll-Free Number Now!

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