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What is Promotional Bulk sms

what is promotional bulk sms and services

what is promotional bulk SMS and services

Promotional Bulk SMS 

Promotional SMS services help businesses to keep in touch with the targeted audience. Organizations with a great list of contacts can use this mode of promotions. Though, many businesses don’t contact customers much often. Promotional SMS is an effective way to connect the bulk population with product launches, special offers, discounts, coupons, etc. It gives a flexible platform for all new types of industries like Healthcare, Education, Banking, Finance, etc, to mass campaign at ease.

For example, not every company can afford television or radio advertising because of the high cost of these advertisement channels. While print advertising in the form of leaflets, flyers, and brochures do not always reach a specific target audience.



  • Faster Turnaround time: When it comes to the turnaround time of SMS to reach its target users, it is relatively faster than a cell phone.
  • Faster reach than an email: An SMS, in general, reaches the messaging inbox of a target recipient faster than email no matter whether he/she read it or not.
  • Reach surely no matter what the location, time, or phone status is: SMS reaches its users irrespective of the location and time. Even while their phone is out of coverage area or is in inactive mode, the message reaches its target users the moment the device is switched on.
  • Better personalization: Bulk SMS service helps you touch base with your customers in a more personalized style.


  • Brief Content: While sending bulk SMS it is essential that the message content is brief because there isn’t much space.
  • Negative response: People, in general, give a disapproving reply to unwanted texts. That is why it is a good idea to get their permission to send them texts. That your Bulk SMS marketing adheres to the privacy and data protection rules.
  • Ensure spam SMS: People are extremely concerned while giving a response to SMS. These messages in the wake of an increase in spam messages. It is critically necessary to ensure whom the message is from and commercial communications must be evidently identifiable as such.
  • Ensuring SMS readability is not possible – The SMS you have sent has been read by your target customers or not.



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