Build Your Business Through Telcob Bulk SMS Marketing Services

Bulk SMS Marketing Services

Bulk SMS Marketing Services is instant, effective and economical, but that’s not all. So there are many other potential benefits, which businesses could explore.

Do you know 81.2% is the SMS open rate? SMS Services is one of the best strategies of mobile marketing with 97% of open rate Bulk SMS Services beats another form of marketing. So that Bulk SMS Marketing instantly boosts customer reach and Bulk SMS Marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies used by business owners around the globe. From the moment you hit “Send” to the moment your subscriber receives your text, the average time taken for Bulk SMS delivery is under 7 seconds.

Telcob applies proprietary methodologies and accelerators to increase the speed of projects and improve return on investment. let me introduce TELCOB, India’s No.1 Bulk SMS Marketing Services Provider Company. With a smart gateway that knows to push SMS via routes that would make certain faster shipping.
Their relationship methodology is to understand your business, how technology supports your business needs, and support and prescribe best practices to maintain optimal performance. So that they help you to maximize the technology that gives you answers more quickly; procedure and process improvements; productivity gains; and bottom line results. Telcob is famous for Promotional Bulk SMS Marketing Services, Transactional Bulk SMS Marketing Services, OTP Service, Missed call Alert Service, and Toll free services.

Advantages Of Telcob Bulk SMS Marketing Services

Bulk SMS

Enhance Messaging Campaigns

Enhance your messaging campaigns by leveraging data analytics. So Real-time data and detailed analytics help you reach subscribers better and build valuable relationships.

Automated Retry

Ensure messages delivery each time, every time. Avoid manual redundancies in case of failed delivery or lags for critical messages via automated retry mechanism.

Messaging Queue Logic

Send as many messages as you like. Automated queue logic stores message temporarily until customers receive them and ensure they are delivered at the same pace throughout

Reach Larger Target Audience

Seamlessly manage your subscribers by automating opt-in/opt-out lists through our inbuilt messaging logic and make your campaigns also more successful.

SMS Marketing

Campaign Management

Run, manage and monitor your SMS campaigns from a single, user-friendly dashboard interface. Send messages through also FTP request or upload messages to our platform and let us handle the message delivery.

Access Roles

Manage what each user can see and safeguard your information through unique user permissions at different levels like Admin/Manager/Agent access.


Unlike other marketing strategies, users don’t have to worry about going over budget while marketing. If anything, SMS is more economical to utilize than any other marketing strategy.

We hope our blog has helped you understand a few benefits of Building Your Business with Telcob Bulk SMS Marketing, and how the power of Bulk SMS can easily boost your customer reach.

Build Your Business Through Telcob Bulk SMS Marketing Services
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