BSNL to offer Satellite Phone Service to everyone in India

Satellite phones

State-run BSNL is planning to extend satellite phone services for all citizens in two years that can work at any corner of the country, and remain immune to the breakdown of mobile services during natural calamities.

Broad Connectivity with Satellite Phones

Satellite phones will able to work in any part of the country, even inside flights and ships, as they depend on signals directly from satellites located about 35,700 km above the earth.

Satellite mobile phone

Traditional mobile networks cover around 25-30 kilometers around towers and can transmit signals to phones placed equal to or below the height of the tower. BSNL has started satellite phone service using INMARSAT service, which initially offered to government agencies and later extended to citizens in a phased manner. The service will cover areas where no networks are present and are provided by INMARSAT, which has 14 satellites. Agencies handling disasters, state police, railways, Border Security Force and other government agencies have given the phones in the first phase.

Cost and Call Rates

Call rates on satellite phones are expected to be in the range of Rs 30-35 in the first phase when there are only about 4,600 connections in the country.

Chairmen Shrivastava says “Satellite phones also cost Rs 40,000 and more. All the satellite phones imported at present. Once we open it for citizens, the volumes will drive down the cost of calls as well as the handset. Even, a huge volume can attract satellite phone manufacturers to set-up their unit in India. We expect it to create a new ecosystem of satellite services in the country”.

Facilities that are provided

  • 24*365 connectivity
  • It will provide a solution for remote area connectivity issues.
  • Get connectivity even if there is any natural disaster occurs (Flood, Earthquake and other natural Disasters).
  • Our Indian Forces and Security Agencies will also get benefited from Location Tracking issues.

Features of Satellite Mobiles

Tracking System

It allows you to track your live location. It will give your GPS Location. So the location of every moment will reach near the concerned.

Single Click Action

If you are in trouble or in any problem, you just need to click a single button and entire information will be Forwarded to the exchange and added numbers. So it would be helpful for every human being who uses it.

Battery Solution

It has an 8 hours long battery life, so it allows you to talk continuously for a long time. And if the mobile phone is in standby mode than it works for 100 hours.

If we talk about today a Satellite Mobile phone is only available for government agencies but till the first month of 2019, it would be available for normal users and they will use it for their daily uses. There are many issues occurs when we communicate with existing mobile connectivity system. But it would be resolved with the use of Satellite Mobile Phone System.

Telcob appreciates BSNL for their great work.

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