Best IVR Services Provider Company In India

Best IVR Services Provider Company


In simple terms, Whenever we call to a customer service department, Or any Business, the call goes to the IVR system. Here we hear a welcome tune. ( for example. Welcome to Telcob Telecom Solutions ). Then it will ask us to give input(for ex. Press-1 for sales, press-2 for support) and redirect us to the Required Service. Once You give input, you will be directed to the correct department for your Queries. IVR system is a Cloud Telephony Solution where it requires only a PC and Internet facility. The whole IVR system works on the cloud or simply we can say cloud telephony system.

Now if you are not aware of cloud technology please search for it. In simple terms, Using a service through the internet virtually and without managing any physical machine. So that all you need is a PC and the internet. The numbers which are used in the IVR Service are Virtual numbers/ Toll-Free Numbers that is the reason it is also called Cloud Telephony.

Why Choose Telcob in Best IVR Services Provider Company

A wide range of other hardware and software connected with the help of Telcob Open Standard IVR. It is easier to integrate them into other services/systems that you already have in your business. So that Telcob IVR Services helps you to minimize the business cost, helps you to respond to your customers quickly, and helps to adapt to the quick changes in technology. Do not consider a Best IVR Services Provider Company which is compatible with a limited range of services. Because IVR Services will raise your operating costs. IVR Services reduces flexibility in your business, and your workload increased.

Our affordable Prices

Our affordable cloud Telephony solutions help Indian businesses present a professional image to the world. So that let our Virtual Receptionist see to it that all your calls are answered promptly by our toll-free team.
Our friendly Virtual receptionists Cloud Telephony are experienced professionals who handle every call with the utmost competence according to your specific instructions.
So that our toll-free service will help you stay securely connected by personally transferring your calls to your staff or instantly delivering your messages via a toll-free number and/or SMS.

Advantages Of Best IVR Services Provider Company

Best IVR Services Provider Company

Never Miss Any Lead

You will get real-time notification of all the calls which are missed, through Emails. We make sure you never miss any call.

Welcome Greetings

Use customized welcome message with a human touch for your clients. It will give a great experience to your customers.

Multiple Extensions

We provide multiple extensions on a single IVR number based on department wise staff to also attend calls. IVR improves your business & customer satisfaction.

Intelligent Call Routing

Create your path to migrate customers according to the departments. So that let your incoming caller be at ease and follow the accurate path.

IVR Services Provider Company

Call Recording

Track your all calls for monitor and quality purpose. So that it may help you to increase efficiency to your business

Geo Reporting

Analyze your call logs report according to the geolocation of the subscriber and target your customers

Number Choices

We allow you to use your own existing number for Hosted IVR. You may also change your number at any time.

Music On Hold

Do not core your customers while your executive is busy on another call. Music on Hold will activate waiting for music while on hold.

Real-Time Reporting

You can easily get a complete report of all calls in the web-based control panel for a detailed analysis of IVR. So that track your statistics & reports in real-time.

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