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How Banks can integrate Bulk SMS Service?

The Banking industry is experiencing a phase of fast transformation in terms of the methods in which the operations are performed and the communication mediums used. To give helpful customer service to its clients, banks have started opting for latest and effective channels for sending necessary notifications and establishing connectivity with the target clients. Bulk SMS Service for Banking Industry has shown to be the most powerful, affordable and fastest tool to connect with your customers in real-time and disseminate necessary updates on time. 

Why Bulk SMS Service is important for the Banking Sector?

Bulk SMS Service has brought a 360-degree shift in the ways information is transferred to the customers. Among the integration of SMS technology, notifying clients regarding the financial transaction details has become a lot easier. Necessary notifications like sending out payment notices, messages related to RBI rules, warnings, verification, account balance inquiry can be sent in just a click of a button. The major advantage of executing SMS Service is that it gives real-time information as and when the transaction happens. Hence, text messaging is a reliable, powerful and quickest platform for conveying real-time transaction updates to a large group of people at once.

Benefits of Bulk SMS Services for Banking Sector

Here I am sharing some Key Benefits of Bulk SMS Service for Banking Sector:

  • Automatic text alerts for transactions.
  • Verification messages for payments.
  • OTP for authentication and transaction safety.
  • Robust SMS Banking
  • Notification updates

Some Methods in which Banks can include Bulk SMS Service

There are so many methods where Banks use Bulk SMS services:

1. Send Transaction Alerts

Bulk SMS

Send important notifications such as balance changes, cash withdrawal, amount deposit details immediately using Bulk SMS Service. Integrating Bulk SMS Service with API permits you to send instant updates to the clients anytime. As everyone has access to the mobile phone. SMS is the best mechanism to send important details in the quickest possible manner. It is the most suitable tool that helps to connect the gap between the bank and the client and convey necessary details to them in a hassle-free method. Owing to the many advantages of SMS Service, a large number of banks and financial institutions are integrating it for interacting with their customers.

2. Send Attachments of Important Documents

Bulk SMS

Nowadays Banks sending documents like bank account statements, debit card details, credit card approvals, payment receipts is easier than ever. With the help of the Multimedia SMS feature of Telcob Communications, file attachments can be transmitted along with the message text. SMS helps as an excellent medium for interacting with customers as an internet connection is not required to send messages. Hence, it offers broader connectivity allowing a bank to reach the customers on the go.

3. Promote New Products/Services

Bulk SMS

SMS Marketing is the perfect channel to grow your brand knowledge and notify the customer regarding the latest products, offers, services, etc. Promoting your services has become a lot easier by utilising a Bulk SMS Service. Connect with your customers directly and transfer promotional offers, attractive deals and policies by sharing a link in your message text. SMS is a valuable medium to promote new products, services to your customers as it can reach a large audience base directly.

4. Request for Client Feedback

Bulk SMS

Feedback is very necessary to estimate the effectiveness of a campaign and understand the customer’s preference. SMS is the quickest and the easiest method to conduct a survey and obtain worthy insights about the service. One of the biggest advantages of executing SMS Service is that it provides a brand to reach lakhs and lakhs of contacts at once which no other communication channel can offer. A bank can collect customer’s feedback just by giving a link in the SMS which will redirect to a form in which they can enter their feedback.

5. SMS Banking

Bulk SMS

In today’s busy life, nobody has time to stand in long lines for passbook update, cash withdrawal, and different banking operations. With the approach of Text Messaging Service, handling banking operations has become simple and effortless. Utilizing SMS Banking, every transaction details, withdrawals, account balances, deposit, can be monitored instantly via mobile phones. Now, no requirement to visit your bank for verifying the account balance. You just need to give a missed call at your bank’s tollfree number and immediately a message will arrive on your registered mobile phone with the details of the balance amount. This method SMS Service helps in streamlining the banking activities.

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Best Bulk SMS Service in Bank Industry

Telcob Communications provides end-to-end banking solutions at a click of a button. Telcob’s much-improvised bulk messaging service related to all your banking and financial transactions are handled with care and utmost security. Also, It entrusts in offering excellent mobile messaging solutions to all our banking clients. Telcob services ranging from SMS campaigns to SMS alerts also notifications to other marketing solutions are at the helm.

Telcob Deliver Transactional and promotional SMS with highly featured API. Telcob integration into the existing system software has become a lot simpler.


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