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#1 Cloud Telephony Solution

Telcob is the fastest growing cloud telephony company, providing IVR platform, cloud hosting services, IVR services, and IVR systems across all over India. Telcob's Interactive Voice Response (IVR), which is simple to use, can process over millions of calls an hour and also offers developer solutions. Our Company always give priority to customer needs and requirement in business.
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Excellent customer service is the first job of our company

About Telcob provides better communication than pure-play offshore providers because we speak your local language. As a client, you have unmatched access to our consultants. It’s open, secure, mobile and also will adapt to your specific business needs. In fact, we also often provide on-site account management and always have resources for you nearby.
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Telcob believes in innovation and always try to provider better Cloud telephony services to companies to achieve this goal through faster growth, higher productivity.


Compared to small niche companies, Telcob has a far greater scale, geographic reach and more access to exceptional expertise. We align with clients, turning engagements


Telcob applies proprietary methodologies and accelerators to increase the speed of projects and improve return on investment. These approaches can also reduce risk


We Provide Best cloud telephony Solution in India. So you can manage your customers using cloud-based calling service.So customers don't need to wait for more.

What Makes Us Different

About Telcob Our Telecommunications Services is available at a very less cost and also we provide the fastest delivery of Bulk SMS Services, So customers don't need to wait for more. However, We Provide Best IVR Solution in India. So you can manage your customers using cloud-based calling service.
  • 200% Secure
  • Quick Set Up
  • Complete Tracking
  • Faster Growth
  • Higher Productivity
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Business are never done by One person they are done by a Team of People

`` We always try to Deliver more than Expected ``.

About Telcob We don't Force Our Ideas on Customer ,We Simply want to make what they Need.

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