A Step-By-Step Guide To Promotional SMS Campaign

Promotional SMS Campaign, Telcob SMS Gateway

Telcob India’s #1 Cloud Telephony company. Instantly reach out to your customers with personalized bulk SMS offers, updates, OTPs, SMS attachments & more through Promotional SMS Campaign.

However, learning a few text marketing tips and following Promotional SMS Tutorial should be enough to put your Bulk SMS campaign on the path to long-term SMS success.

Here I will tell you to step by step to create the promotional SMS campaign. Before starting tutorial firstly you have to register, After that, you will receive a user id and password then you have to log in on the Telcob SMS gateway.

Guide To Promotional SMS Campaign

Telcob SMS Gateway

Promotional SMS Campaign

How To Send Promotional SMS Campaign

How to Enter Contact list

  1. Click on Messaging tab then click send SMS after that
  2. Select the Route
  3. Enter Your Sender ID
  4. You can enter one by one mobile number or upload a list of contacts(group) and upload it in the group list.

Promotional SMS Campaign

How to Write SMS Content

  1. Select your Messaging type  (Text, Flash, WAP-Push, Vcard, Unicode, dynamic)
  2. Then enter SMS content
  3. You can also preview your SMS Content

Promotional SMS Campaign

Create Your Sender Id or Use existing Sender Id

Promotional SMS Campaign

Create Your Promotional SMS Campaign Template

Promotional SMS Campaign

Upload your NDNC letter and other Documents for the approval from admin. Then add Contacts for sending promotional SMS campaign.

90% of Text Messages Are Read within Five Seconds!

Eight quick ideas on how you can improve your business with mass text messaging. Two of the main reasons for its increasing popularity are the fact that SMS is pre-installed on every mobile phone and the open rates for text messages are outstanding. As mentioned above, 98% of all SMS messages are opened and 90% are opened within 3 minutes or less of receipt.

Do you have any questions regarding bulk SMS? Register on the link.




A Step-By-Step Guide To Promotional SMS Campaign
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