A Secure Mobile OTP Authentication Using Cloud

A Secure Mobile OTP Authentication Using Cloud

A Secure Mobile OTP Authentication Using Cloud. The accessing of cloud services provider provide user login information in terms of the username and password. The login information is easily hacked and cracked by other party and the security strength of cloud computing is decreasing. Nowadays some authors used dual authentication mode in terms of mail confirmation and onetime password. The OTP increases the security strength of access control over cloud computing.

Here we discuss the topic,  A Secure Mobile OTP Authentication Using Cloud. Start with Mobile OTP Authentication.

What is Mobile OTP Authentication?

Mobile OTP (One-Time Password) authentication method proposes to secure mobile device portability through rapid and secure authentication using mobile devices such as mobile phones or pads. Which does not require additional purchase or possession of OTP tokens of users? Because to facilitate diverse and wide use of services. In the future service should be continuous and stable, and above all, security considers the most important to meet advance portability and user accessibility.

One Time Password Authentication

One-Time Password is a technological mechanism through which a single-use password generate and sent to the register mobile number for the user to access the website. also known as two-factor authentication. Therefore, is automatically generates a numeric or alphanumeric string of characters that authenticates the user for a single transaction or login session.

A Secure Mobile OTP Authentication Using Cloud

Nowadays the utility of cloud computing-based services is increasing and the growth of the cloud market is approx is 100$ billion. Cloud platforms are offered by the Cloud service providers (CSPs) for their customers to use and create their web services.

The one-time password is a concept of dynamic authentication and verification module in a cloud security system. So, Generation and transmission is a major issue of OTP in the cloud environment. The algorithm used various cryptographic algorithms such as RSA, DES, RC4, and another hash-based algorithm.

A Secure Mobile OTP Authentication Using Cloud

Some authors used a random OTP password generation technique. The Random password generation technique is easily-predictable for hacker and man in the middle attack. The generation of OTP used langrage’s polynomial equation along with AES cryptographic technique along with MD5algorithm. The AES algorithm is very efficient in terms of RSA, DES, and RC4. Also, The calculation and multiplication of key generate interpolation derivates for the processing of a password. The length of a password generate in terms of iterations manner and never fix but the length of a message fix.

ID management in Cloud is Cloud ID which links the confidential information of the users. Hence, their biometrics and stores it in an encrypted manner Making use of an encryption technique. So using biometric identification perform in an encrypted domain to make sure that the cloud provider or potential attackers do not gain access to any sensitive data or even the content of the individual queries.

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