when 5G network will launch

5G Network

What is 5G Network???

5G is the next generation of wireless network technology, invented to expand the scope of mobile technology beyond the capabilities of LTE. It will be transformative, fueling change across every industry and every aspect of our lives. Over time, 5G technology will improve the way we live, work, and play—for good. The frequency spectrum of 5G is separated into millimeter waves, mid-band, and low-band. Low-band utilizes a similar frequency range as the predecessor, 4G. 5G millimeter wave is the fastest, with exact speeds often being 1–2 Gb. Frequencies are above 24 GHz reaching up-to 72 GHz, which is over the extremely high-frequency band’s lower boundary. what is 5G network, 5g network Speed, 5g vs 4g what is 5G network, 5g network danger, 5g network Speed, 5g vs 4g what is 5G network, 5g network danger, 5g network Speed, 5g network danger, 5g vs 4g

Network Generation5G network

1G: Mobile voice calls

2G: Mobile voice calls and SMS

3G: Mobile web browsing

4G: Mobile video consumption and higher data speed

5G: Technology to serve consumers and digitalization of industries.

5G vs 4G

Sr. Basis 4G 5G
1 Deployment 2006-2010 >2020
2 Bandwidth 200mbps >1gbps
3 Latency
( milliseconds )
20-30 >10
4 Average Speed 25mbps 200-400mbps
5 Technology LTE Developing
6 Features Incredibly fast download speeds,
paved the way for HD Streaming.
Ultra-fast internet, low-latency
and improved reliability.


5G isn’t replacing 4G any time soon. They will coexist and work together. 5G phones are compatible can use both 4G and 5G technology.

What will be 5G Network Speed?

companies are promising a lot from 5G. While 4G tops out at a technical 100 megabits per second (Mbps), 5G tops out at 1-10 gigabits per second (Gbps).

That means 5G is a hundred times faster than the current 4G technology—at its technical maximum speed.

For example, the Consumers Technology Association pointed out that, at this speed, you can download a two-hour movie in just 3.6 seconds on 5G, versus 6 minutes on 4G or 26 hours on 3G.

5G network speed



is 5G network danger?

We all are enclosed by electromagnetic radiation field all the time – from TV and radio signals, as well as from a whole spectrum of technology including mobile phones, and natural sources such as sunlight.

5G uses higher frequency waves than earlier mobile networks, allowing more devices to have access to the internet at the same time and faster speeds.

These waves travel shorter distances through urban locations, so 5G networks require more transmitter poles than previous technologies, located closer to ground level.

5G network danger

Why is 5G a game-changer?

The brief answer to why 5G is a game-changer: it will enhance your network connection dramatically. You won’t have to deal with separations when sharing videos from crowded arenas, nor will high-quality videos on your newsfeed cause frustration from all the buffering.5G network


Instead, you will get a faster, more well-built, more secure connection – along with new services and experiences, just throughout the corner. More dynamic capabilities and vastly increased capacity mean you’ll enjoy better performance than ever before.

Architecture of 5G

The structure of 5G has highly enhanced its network elements and various terminals are characteristically upgraded to afford a new situation. Likewise, service providers can implement advance technology to utilize value-added services quickly.

The system comprising of the main user terminal and then several independent and autonomous radio access technologies. Each of the radio technologies is considered as the IP link for the outside internet world.

The IP technology is composed exclusively to ensure sufficient control data for proper routing of IP packets related to certain application connections.

i.e. sessions between client applications and servers somewhere on the Internet. Moreover, to make accessible routing of packets should be fixed by the given policies of the user.

5g network architecture

What advantages does 5G bring?

“The main benefit that 5G offers over 4G LTE is faster speeds — primarily because there will be more spectrum available for 5G, and it uses more advanced radio technology,” Els Baert, director of marketing and communications at NetComm, told Digital Trends.

“It will also deliver much lower latency than 4G, which will enable new applications in the [Internet of Things] space.”

The three key benefits of 5G networks are:

  1. Much higher data rates (1-20 Gbit/s), enabling consumers to download content more quickly.
  2. Much lower latency (1 ms), allowing users to experience less delay/lag when requesting data from the network — a latency of milliseconds, imperceptible to humans.
  3. Increased capacity as the network expands.

when 5G will launch????

The next-generation mobile services on 5G technology are expected to become available in India for subscription in 2022.
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